Don’t duck, Taurus! Cupid’s crossbow is aimed your way beginning Wednesday, May 15, as your ruler, romantic Venus, starts slinging arrows in your sensual sign. This annual sojourn, which lasts until June 8, is a time for long, lingering kisses and trading poetry stanzas by text.

Single Bulls won’t have any trouble luring ‘em into your pasture. The challenge lies in figuring out who is worthy of your precious time. As one of the zodiac’s hopeless romantics, it’s hard for you to NOT project qualities onto anyone who gives you butterflies. Do your best to stay “in the moment” and not mentally fast-forward months or years down. While you may be hoping for an instant click, nerves can mess up a first impression, making people sell themselves short instead of staying present.

And the suave ones might be all smoke and mirrors. Treat this Venus cycle like an old-fashioned courtship phase and maybe wait until the third or fourth date to make any sort of decision. (Barring those moments, of course, when your intuition screams, “Hell, no!”) If you’re in a relationship, a little space can do wonders to keep things hot.

If you’ve been attached at the hip, cut yourselves some slack and pursue your individual interests. Then, when you get back together, you’ll have all kinds of interesting things to share with each other, ideally as pillow talk.

Later this Wednesday, Venus’ dance partner Mars does a sign change, zipping into Cancer and your social third house. So many people, so little time! Between now and July 1, your phone will be buzzing constantly with invites and flirty messages. Keep it in airplane mode when you’re driving or having an intimate moment.

With so much demand for your time, schedule more group hangs. Rally your soul squad for picnics in the park, festival weekends and happy hour cocktails on swanky roof decks. If relationships were already strained with some of your peers (including siblings and coworkers) the red planet may ratchet up tension. Taking a cool down break might be the best decision you’ve ever made, especially if your bond has gotten far too enmeshed.

During this independent cycle, you need room to roam and be a red-hot people magnet without feeling guilty that you ditched your plus-one. The third house rules hometown happenings so find your fix at local venues. Not digging the scene in your zip code? Start location scouting. Later this summer, you might actually move or set up a pied-a-terre in a city that speaks to your soul.

Relationships could hit a milestone on Saturday, when the year’s only full moon in Scorpio turbo-charges your partnership house. If you’ve been seeing someone casually and haven’t been able to decide whether to get more serious, these lunar beams will bring clarity—and it might just hit you like a lightning bolt thanks to a Venus-Uranus mashup happening the same day.

Your urge to merge will be at record levels, but make sure this isn’t a rash, lust-driven thing. Over the next two weeks, you could discover a person you feel a genuine bond with instead of a part-time lover.

If you’re not sure what would make you happy, take out your journal and free-write a couple pages on the subject. Your higher wisdom will speak loudly and clearly, but you need to screen out feedback from friends and family. Your heart wants what it wants, and others’ opinions will only confuse matters.

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