Popularity: spiking! All that networking and professional expanding you’ve been doing is about to pay dividends.

This Tuesday, May 15 revolutionary Uranus side-spins into Taurus and your house of teamwork and technology for an eight-year reorganization mission. Anywhere in your life where you’ve felt like you could benefit from “upleveling” will slowly (or seismically) shift.

But this doesn’t happen by you shapeshifting to accommodate others’ ideas or game plan. This is a jet-powered blast of self-assurance and liberation that comes from thinking, speaking and living your most authentic truths. Disruptive Uranus inspires you to share your most outre ideas—and it gives you the confidence to bring others onboard with them.

The eleventh house rules humanitarianism and activism, and under this spell of do-good radicalization, you could find your calling—along with a tribe of likeminded idealists. Appropriate collaboration is a key to your success.

And if this isn’t enough motivation, Tuesday also marks the year’s only new moon in Taurus, which sets a match to your slow-burning fire. Between now and the corresponding Taurus full moon on October 24, you could step into your personal power and do the work you’ve been waiting forever to do!

Your personal heat index shoots skyward on Wednesday, when lusty Mars marches into Aquarius and your erotic, intimate eighth house until August 12. This only happens every two years, and this cycle is extra-long because of a retrograde that begins on June 26 and an encore transit from September 10 to November 15.

There’s no room for equivocating now. You’ll be clear in YOUR desires and won’t settle for chumps or commitmentphobes; with the red planet parked here, you mean business. Give people a chance to straighten up and fly right, but the minute you sense they’re stuck in a holding pattern, cut bait.

This goes for anything that involves merging, whether sexual or financial. Regarding the latter, this is auspicious time for savvy investments, especially involving real estate or passive earnings. Lucky for you, Mars in the eighth house anoints you with intense sex appeal.

If your mojo’s been MIA, seek and ye SHALL find. Not ready to jump back in the fire? Rev your engines with a kundalini yoga, Nia or S Factor class. Sensual, connected movement provides the fastest route back into your own skin.

On a related note, your personal magnetism gets a power surge on Saturday, as vixen Venus sails into your sign, launching a charm offensive that’ll be in effect until (at least) June 13. What do you want to draw into your life: a partner, new job, fresh social connections?

Take a look at your own outreach efforts, both what you do and how you do it. Could you add more graciousness and refinement to your communications? Take more time winding up before you deliver your fastball, Cancer.

Authentic connections with professional associates and friends require nurturing, something your sign instinctively knows how to do. These next few weeks, infuse all your interactions with more of that, then sit back and watch the Law of Attraction in action!

On Sunday, the Sun dips into Gemini and your transitional twelfth house for a month. In preparation for your birthday season, which begins on June 21, use this restful period to catch up on unfinished work and, well, REST! /by TheAstroTwins

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