While no one’s going to snip your wings, you might voluntarily make some shifts of your own accord in the weeks and months to come.

This Tuesday, May 15 disruptor Uranus lands in Taurus for the first time since 1942, inaugurating what’s sure to be a dynamic eight-year journey through your sixth house of work, service, wellness and self-care.

You can make the most of this game-changing cycle right out of the gate by looking at your daily habits. Small tweaks can add up to an entire lifestyle shift with minimal inconvenience or discomfort.

Start with: Do your routines support your work life or make things more complicated? Could your systems be more organized or streamlined? In pragmatic Taurus, tech-savvy Uranus can help you hack your way to a more efficient flow.

Ditto for any adjustments you’ve been wanting to make to your nutritional or exercise regimen. You know what would be ideal, Archer: It’s that giant leap from knowing to doing that always trips us up.

So rather than put undue pressure on yourself, add one or two tiny new things (weekly yoga, craft nights) as you phase out unhelpful stuff (empty calories)…or people.

If that’s not enough motivation, Tuesday also brings the year’s only new moon in this same house, which can spur your active sign to action. Come up with a game plan and a few specific pivots you can make this week.

Stay the course, and you’ll realize noticeable progress by the corresponding Taurus full moon on October 24!

On Wednesday, energizing Mars parades into Aquarius and your third house of playmates and neighborhood action. When Mars was in Capricorn (since March 17), you probably burned a few tanks of midnight oil trying to catch up and even get ahead. Hopefully you socked away a few extra pesos for your efforts.

This week, the pendulum swings in the other direction, luring you out of your work cave and out into the streets and local venues. You won’t have to go beating down doors to find willing co-conspirators.

In fact, people will want to partner with you, which is good for the ego—but make sure it’s also good for YOU. While it’s nice to be surrounded by fawning friends, you don’t want to let a drama queen or energy vampire suck your vital chi. Be extra selective, or you could wind up spreading yourself too thin (again).

With your personal life humming along, take care of yourself by getting adequate sleep and detaching BEFORE you feel like you’re on overload.

The third house also rules communication, and with Mars here, you’ll have the motivation—and momentum—to start, resume or finish a writing or podcasting (or…?) project. One potential downside is that the fiery planet can spark even more candid and edgy comments, something you want to avoid.

This weekend, as Venus enters Cancer and your seductive eighth house, thoughts turn to personal relationships, whether it be your precious partner, amour du jour or all those yet-to-be-discovered prospects.

With the love planet here, the next three weeks will be quite stimulating, to say the least. But this can also churn up strong emotions, so watch for unjustified jealousy or rage. Going the extra mile in the name of romance, however, is more than justified!

Sunday kicks off Gemini season, when the blazing Sun illuminates your partnership zone. Go deeper, take a next step or get clearer in your intentions for finding lasting love. It’s a great opportunity to take “inventory” on other close relationships and “rectify the balance sheet” on anything that’s out of whack. /by TheAstroTwins

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