Welcome to temptation nation, Cancer. Willpower may be hard to access this week, as a trio of planets play tug-of-war with your convictions. At the center of this internal struggle is mindful Mercury who will be swirling through Gemini and your “Boundaries? What boundaries?” twelfth house until June 4.

Sticking to any kind of routine is generally challenging when Mercury wings through this zone once every year. But on Wednesday and Thursday, it may feel well-nigh impossible, thanks to a square from alluring Neptune and an opposition from wild-child Jupiter. During this loose, planetary “T-square,” carrots will be dangled, leading you down the garden path.

Resistance is futile, but make sure to leave some trail markers as you wander down the rabbit hole. (And let your friends know where you’ve gone!) It’s important that you don’t lose yourself—or your personal resolve—just because you’re trying new things.

By the same token, if you’ve been a little too rigid with your routines, this could be your call to shake things up. Mix some yoga flow in with that cardio kickboxing…or how about an elementally appropriate water sport, like stand-up paddle boarding?

At the office, let Neptune’s creative juices flow in and help you think outside the box. Entrepreneurial Jupiter can help you break out of any stultifying systems that have caused your efforts to plateau.

This can be unsettling to your security-loving sign, we know. But the question to ask yourself is, am I taking a calculated risk or a crazy gamble? Run the numbers, and you’ll know. While you’re at it, research competitors who are in the same space. You may discover that you’ve been playing too small of a game. Opportunity awaits!

You’ll have the gift of gab this Sunday when potent Pluto and charming Venus make a lucky end-of-week formation. Is that the sound of a microphone dropping? With both planets parked in the relationship-oriented houses of your chart, you could attract some heavy-hitters—both for business and pleasure.

Pay attention to subtle signals like body language and sultry innuendos. Pluto’s furtive energy could make it hard for people to be direct with you, but you’ll aptly read between the lines. Coupled Cancers could really go deep in your dialogues, exploring topics that are titillating and even a teensy bit taboo (thanks, Pluto).

Talking about it isn’t the same as acting on it…and uh, maybe you shouldn’t go there…but the fantasy aspect may be a thrill unto itself. You could also connect to a crowd who shares one of your lesser-known passions. The conversations will flow with so much magic, that before you know it, they’re inviting you along on an upcoming day trip, or offering you a ticket to a sold-out festival. Just say yes!

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