What’s the motivation behind your money moves, Taurus? Mindful Mercury is currently in Gemini and your profit-driven second house, directing attention to your bank account. Are you satisfied with the balance?

If not, you’ve likely been reworking your budget (obsessively) or hunting for a job that brings the kind of stability a Taurus craves. Or maybe you’re in pitch mode, as you drum up new clients that can provide recurring revenue. Whatever the case, keep a tighter grip on your wallet this Wednesday, when boundary-challenged Neptune locks into a tangled angle (a square) with Mercury from your communal eleventh house.

Just as you were about to pat yourself on the back for brown-bagging your lunches and brewing your own coffee, an intense pressure to keep up with the Joneses overtakes you. With feel-good Neptune here, you could get so swept up in the camaraderie that you blow through those savings in a night. Nothing wrong with WANTING to splurge on those top-tier tickets to the show that all your friends are going to see.

But if you can’t really swing it, don’t. Also, with trickster Neptune in the mix, be wary about buying online. Unless a site is secure and verified, don’t go entering credit card deets. Take extra care to log off of any financial sites, especially when using a shared device or network.

On Thursday, Mercury gets into a second clash, this time with intrepid Jupiter in your eighth house of investments. This is no time for gambling on random crypto-currency, but conversely, make sure you’re not being penny-wise and pound-foolish. There are situations where the old, “it takes money to make money” rule applies. If you want to advance to the next stage of the game, you have to plunk down some cash.

Working with a coach, enrolling in a training seminar, buying a tool, or even springing for a confidence-boosting interview outfit—expenses like these can justify a dip into your savings. If you spend wisely, the dynamic tension of Thursday’s Mercury-Jupiter opposition can act like a slingshot, springing you out of a rut.

On Sunday, amorous Venus (in your sign) and seductive Pluto slip into a potent formation, which can power up your romantic urges. As a traditional Taurus, you don’t always love to experiment in the game of love.

But under these skies you’re open to stretching, perhaps giving one of your partner’s adventurous ideas an actual try. Single? Try dating someone who breaks from type. This cosmic coupling could reveal a carefully concealed attraction with someone from a different culture or walk of life. Who knew THAT person was into you? But given the auspicious angle between Venus and Pluto, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised—and definitely flattered.

Or, it could be you who suddenly sees someone in a different, and decidedly NOT platonic, light. Given Pluto’s furtive nature, you might decide that it’s best to keep these feelings under wraps for a while—or simply to appreciate them as your own private fantasy…especially if acting on them will complicate your life.

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