There’s always more to learn, Cancer. This Monday, November 19, know-it-all Jupiter will crash into a challenging square with impetuous Mars, which could make you a tad overconfident.

Before you (over)state your position, make sure you REALLY know what you’re talking about. Review and research—and use credible sources for your fact-finding missions.

Under this impulsive transit you could be swept along by the latest “guru’s” compelling—yet unsubstantiated—claims.

People who speak with confident authority don’t always know what the heck they’re talking about. With Jupiter in your wellness sector, be especially circumspect when it comes to diet, medical and exercise advice.

Avoid any faddish or “extreme” programs, which might bring temporary results but could be difficult to maintain in the long run.

Sure, there’s a pill for everything, Cancer. But if you think you need one, go to a real doctor instead of self-diagnosing with Dr. Google or your friend who is the queen of supplements.

Indulging in things that taste good or feel good—at least in the moment—can be a vice for your sensual sign. And this time of year sure is filled with temptation.

Nevertheless, you can steel your resolve and make healthier choices starting Thursday, November 22, as the life-giving Sun beams into Sagittarius and sets your wellness zone ablaze.

This annual solar cycle might SEEM inconvenient, but it’s a blessing in disguise. Let “responsible indulgence” be your guiding principle between now and December 21.

We’d never advise you to miss out on the treats of the season. But falling into nightly food comas and waking up with a hangover every morning? That’s no fun either. Sip slowly and savor every bite.

And hey, why not swap out sugar for maple syrup or honey in some of those recipes—and try almond flour instead of bleached white? Eat at regular intervals to zap sugar cravings and keep yourself warm with regular exercise.

With sporty Jupiter accompanying the Sun in Sagittarius this year, your fitness mojo could make a serious comeback! Who says you can’t get obsessed with a new workout modality at the end of the year?

Work will be busier than ever, so be prepared to juggle…and delegate! If you start to drown in responsibility, don’t just keep on pushing.

This is your cue to find qualified support and outsource certain aspects of your job. It takes money to make money, Cancer, but the time you free up will allow you to focus on more profitable tasks.

Or maybe it’s time to let go of certain things altogether? On Friday, the full moon in Gemini lights up your twelfth house of transitions.

Under this clarifying lunar light, you may realize that you’ve been hanging on to certain relationships or obligations that just aren’t giving you life. Once you make up your mind to say goodbye, we’re betting you’ll feel more excited than you do scared or sad.

After all, closing this door frees up space for something new and more fitting to flow in! And with nomadic Neptune snapping out of a five-month retrograde in your travel zone on Saturday, a change of scenery can get your engines purring.

Start speculating about your next big trip, even if you’re just putting the first payment down for a February yoga retreat or a spot in a friend’s NYE Airbnb rental!

The only caveat: Mercury is retrograde until December 6, so if this fee is non-refundable, bookmark the page and then firm up all the particulars, like getting the time off from work and locking down a dogsitter for the dates that you’re away!

/Based On Materials From: TheAstroTwins

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