To trust or not to trust? Guard your precious secrets with care near Monday, November 19, as molten Mars and big-mouthed Jupiter cross wires, throwing off your intuition.

Even if you think you’ve just met a kindred spirit or your future spouse, don’t be too quick to cart out every issue from your past—especially the ones you haven’t full processed yet.

Unless people have earned their loyalty points with you, it’s probably best to reveal your skeletons slowly and organically. (As in, “I’ll show you one of mine, then you show me one of yours.”)

First impressions tend to stick around for a lifetime, and it’s common sense to lead with your winning foot. Once you establish yourself as the credible and together person, your messier parts become adorable and endearing. (Not OMG or “hot mess.”)

Head’s up: A connection that starts out as an instant lovefest early this week might not go further than the superficial, which can be disappointing.

But don’t waste time trying to turn it into something it’s not, Taurus. Under this fast-moving cosmic current, someone even better could be one conversation (or right swipe) away.

On Thursday, the Sun burrows in Sagittarius and your intense eighth house for a month, joining philosophical Jupiter and Mercury retrograde there.

Take a moment to reflect on how balanced your closest relationships are. Are you both happy, or is there unspoken tension simmering beneath the surface?

Between now and December 21, you may need to discuss some buried issues that keep resurfacing. But under the influence of this candid cosmic trio, there’ll be no room for grey when it comes to commitment.

With this seductive solar flare firing up your libido, your inner minx might rise up like awakened kundalini energy—but so, too, will your need for unwavering security. If your mojo has been in slow-mo, do what it takes to flip on your erotic switch.

For starters, make beauty rest a priority. Then, try ANY kind of movement, especially if you’ve been sedentary.

Go for daily walks or take just one dance-based cardio or yoga class. Getting back into your skin will feel so great, it’s bound to be habit-forming.

If you’re on the fence about a romantic prospect, this Sagittarius cycle will send down clarifying beams. Single? Pay attention to who crosses your path over the next four weeks.

An intriguing stranger may become an important figure in your life—a “winter warmer,” if you will. This is a prosperity cycle, too.

Rather than slogging through the 9-5 grind, keep your antennae up for passive income opportunities, such as investing in rental property, developing a product that pays your royalties or selling other people’s goods for a percentage of profits.

Friday’s full moon in Gemini and your second house of finances could usher in a windfall over the next couple weeks. To lock down that holiday bonus, make sure the powers-that-be are aware of your contributions!

Seize any opportunity possible for one-on-one time with the execs. While you’re helping to collate handouts or driving together to a pitch meeting, you can smoothly mention your greatest hits of 2018.

Of course, there are other ways to network besides the obvious ones. Saturday might bring a fateful connection while you’re out mixing and mingling, thanks to soothsayer Neptune ending a five-month retrograde in your communal eleventh house.

Skip the gritty dive bars and plant yourself among a high-vibe tribe. Your future investor, dream client or romantic interest may be meditating beside you in that sound bath or handing out coats at a charity drive.

/Based On Materials From: TheAstroTwins

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