Mixed messages and cryptic signals abound this Tuesday, October 1—and even with your reliably sharp intuition, you may struggle to read people’s motives. Chalk it up to a tense, one-day square between emo Venus in your sensitivity sector and mysterious Pluto in your relationship house.

No matter how hard you try to be objective, every minor slight will feel deeply personal. And good luck getting other people to open up! The more you push, the more they’ll retreat. Instead of forcing things, “distract” yourself by spending time with people who buoy your spirits. Sure, it’s great if they’re willing to be sounding boards, but steer clear of the “misery loves company” types who might help you analyze the situation but will also bring you down.

Take heart, Cancer. The tide turns in a positive direction for relationships starting Thursday, when penetrating Pluto wraps up a nerve-jangling five-month retrograde in your partnership sector. Since April 24 a few of your closest connections could have gone on and off the rails, leaving you dizzy and confused. Heavy emotional issues may have clouded over some otherwise harmonious interactions, and you might not have had a clue how to get things back on track.

But now that shadowy Pluto is resuming forward motion, things may rectify themselves with a few conversations. Romantic relationships get a serious boost from this pivot, but you both need to agree to stop squabbling over little issues! Remember, it’s better to be happy than “right,” so pick your battles and let (most) things slide. Single? This turn-around kicks off seven months of promising opportunities, so meet Lady Luck halfway by putting yourself out there more, exploring new terrain, and turning on those Tinder alerts.

Another prompt to let your inner artiste (or seductrix) out to play comes on Thursday, when expressive Mercury shimmies into passionate Scorpio, lighting up your flirty fifth house until December 9—an extra-long cycle due to a retrograde from October 31 to November 20. You’ll be in your watery element, quick to radar in on potential prospects while still having fun with the rest.

Under this wide-net-casting mashup, you might meet your match far off the beaten path, anywhere from a fancy art opening to a yoga retreat to grabbing coffee in a random part of town. (The message? Always be dressed and ready to roll.) Take heed that during the retrograde (October 31 to November 20), drama could get unleashed or an ex may try to lure you from the stability of a healthier, though less intense, relationship. Stay on high alert for when “exciting” teeters on “dangerous liaison.” That’s your cue to bolt for the exit.

Home becomes the buzzing center of activity on Friday when energizer Mars decamps to Libra and your domestic fourth house until November 19. Since Chez Cancer is one of your favorite places to be, this biennial stopover by the red planet is always music to your ears. But be warned that Mars is an agitator. You’ll be keenly aware of any rooms that are cluttered, or just energetically out of alignment.

Thankfully, this energetic cycle will get you pumped to make changes. Whether you’re painting an accent wall or calling in the pros to do “space clearings” and set up closet systems, it’s time for action. With this heatseeking planet nesting here, you’ll love having company to warm your casa. Your lucky friends and family could be feted with hygge season dinners, craft nights and other activities around your hearth.

Not really loving where you live? Start scouting out a new place to hang your fedora. Adventurous Mars might even send you on a sabbatical to another part of the world; if not for a permanent relocation then for an extended apartment swap or a semester abroad. Family relationships can be lively…or stressful under this Mars cycle. You’ll run hot and cold, craving closeness and needing personal space in equal measure. Perhaps it’s time to let a few loved ones fend for themselves instead of always rushing in for the save.

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