Ready to blast out of a rut—and blow the hinges off some stale routines? On Tuesday, October 1, alchemical Pluto in your broad-minded ninth house locks into a dynamic square (90-degree angle) with your ruler, pleasure planet Venus, in your industrious sixth house.

While comfort ranks high on your list of must-haves, you may have to sacrifice some of that in order to move to the next level of the game. For example, you might sacrifice some hygge season downtime to take an evening class or work with a coach to develop a business plan.

On Thursday, when Pluto wraps a five-month retrograde, you’ll feel another surge of momentum to look beyond what’s familiar and take a savvy risk in the name of progress. Whether external forces were delaying progress or it was your own limiting beliefs doesn’t even matter. This about-face will pump up your courage and help you get proactive. You’re ready for something new, even if you’re not exactly sure how it will all play out in a five or ten-year plan.

That’s the beauty of alchemical Pluto revving up in this visionary zone: You can stay open to different opportunities and test the waters without having to go all in. The ninth house is all about expanding your horizons—literally and figuratively—so you’ll get almost as much satisfaction from researching and planning a major journey as you will actually taking it! Think beyond the posh hotel scenario, Bull. How about a yoga retreat or memoir-writing “camp”? Anything new, different and challenging will tick all the boxes.

You may not be able to ignore your urge to merge on Thursday, when expressive Mercury zips into steamy Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships. This transit is in effect until December 9—an extra-long cycle due to a retrograde from October 31 to November 20. For the next two months, your charisma and powers of persuasion will be dialed up, which can be a very good thing, as long as you’re directing that skill towards something (or someone) that will bring a healthy return.

During this cycle, you’ll pursue fearlessly, whether that means suggesting a new step to your beloved, inviting a new prospect out on a date-like activity or pitching a business proposal to a prospective collaborator. Try to slow down JUST a little during the retrograde, so you don’t bolt off on a wild goose chase…or let your mouth write an un-cashable check or get you in way over your head. Whatever you do, think it through before you act, because it’s likely the answer will be an emphatic “yes,” and you won’t be able to respond with “just kidding!”

On Friday, motivator Mars swings into Libra for its biennial tour, which lasts until November 19. Time to bring back order to the Taurus court! Before 2019 is through, you might just organize every square inch of your universe into Pinterest-worthy perfection. Downsize. Systematize. Marie Kondo-ify! Less is more—but not at beauty’s expense. With aesthetic Libra ruling this realm of your chart, add some artistic flair to any of the structures you implement. Windows are happiest when “treated.” Bookshelves were meant to be styled…with crystals, vases, and other “objet” you have lying around.

You can apply that same approach to the mundane tasks on your daily agenda and turn these routines into rituals. Start every morning with a gentle playlist and meditation track while you brew your morning cuppa. Pick a dance-based cardio class for your weekly workouts or, since Mars loves a challenge, try something competitive like Peloton cycling or indoor soccer. With your wellness zone lit, there’s no reason that fall has to put you in a sedentary slump.

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