You are going to be involved in emotional turmoil today. There will be a lot of drama involved, and there are high chances that you would lose your cool. Think with a calm and cool head instead of flying off the handle and then saying and committing actions that you might regret later. Life is not easy, and there are going to be ups and downs. Calm yourself down.

You have been feeling emotional of late and you honestly, have no idea why. You need to start meditating to calm your emotions and help yourself understand your mental and spiritual health better.

The stress of your life is getting too hectic and is starting to affect your mental health as well. It would also be wise if you took professional help to understand what exactly is happening.

Due to the recent bouts of stress and pressure in your work life, you find it hard for to communicate with your partner. This makes you anxious and restless as well. You even find yourself antsy and not being able to concentrate because of this.

Communicate and try talking to your partner, and talk it out explaining the reason behind your behavior and why exactly are you acting this way.

You are not feeling anything. Are you? It seems that you have given up on everything. You do not have any expectations from your life or yourself. But you should not stay like this.

You need to reinvent your passion and reignite your hobbies. You are in desperate need of a break or recreation. Maybe, a getaway will help you to heal your soul.

You live by feeding on respect and cannot survive without it. Part of why you work so hard is because you want to achieve great heights in your life- not only in terms of monetary success but also in terms of the admiration and respect that you can sense around you. You can get emotional today by witnessing how your colleagues respect you from the bottom of their hearts.

You are sensitive but strong. Your perseverance is an appealing trait about you. Today, you might get into a petty quarrel, but you have to remember that your silence speaks a thousand times more.

Do not let their remarks trigger you to the point of explosion. Try to keep calm even if the other person is completely wrong.

You are going to feel a bit anxious today. It is probably related to your insecurities about yourself. It is not only causing you pain, but your heart is a bit broken too.

But you have to realize that not everything is a pre-planned conspiracy to put you down. Sometimes, some things are just out of your hands and reach.

As a Scorpio, you have a habit of intimidating people but as an individual, you are extremely sensitive. This is exactly why you always seem to hide your emotions and maintain a hard exterior so that no one knows the power they can have over you by hurting you.

You need to start communicating with your partner instead of hiding away matters that hurt you. You will start feeling lighter as well.

If you feel as though you cannot trust your partner anymore you already know and understand that your relationship is not going to be the same like it used to be. You need to cut off the dead weight from your life and throw off all the emotional baggage out of your life.

You will find it hard since you are attached to that individual but you will find yourself feeling much better after you have done the deed.

You are neither happy nor sad. You are neither excited nor underwhelmed. You might be feeling like a clueless person with loads of self-doubts.

You must not lose all your optimism; good times will soon be at your doors. Till then, be patient and keep hoping as hopes fuel your emotion.

Being an Aquarius, short-term and casual relationships were never the one for you. You find yourself craving for something more stable and emotionally involved and invested today.

That is completely fine but stringing someone else who would be hurt by your actions, in the long run, is not your wisest idea. give yourself time to heal and move on from your past. Stop affecting people by the actions in response to your past.

You do not want to lose yourself to the fast-paced life around you. It makes you feel sick and hinders your productivity. You believe that your emotional side makes you vulnerable, and that makes you prone to get hurt.

But deep down, you know that your ability to empathize is what brought you here today. Today, you need to trace back that feeling.

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