You’re in such a hurry today that you may not have the time to check your facts before jumping to an erroneous conclusion. It might seem as if there is so much work in front of you that the only way to finish it is to get started right away. Unfortunately, a lack of proper planning causes unnecessary setbacks later in the day.

Although it sounds counterintuitive, the most efficient strategy is to spend extra time in preparation, begin slowly and build momentum as you go. Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”


When you are set on achieving a goal, there is little that anyone can do to change your mind. Although you are fully aware of the roadblocks ahead, you won’t take no for an answer. Your intellectual ducks are neatly in a row and you’re prepared to argue your case against the opposition now.

Fortunately, prolonged conflict will not be necessary, as the current instability will resolve sooner than you think. Obstacles do not obstruct the path; they are the path.


You believe everything is clicking along just as you planned, only to discover that a friend is sowing seeds of distrust behind your back. Although your immediate response may be to overreact and create a scene, a more methodical approach to resolution makes more sense. You might not even need to lift a finger to point out the source of the negative energy.

The process of revelation is working on its own and there’s no reason to agitate the situation further. Just because someone invites you to a drama does not mean you need to attend. Taking the high road casts you in the best possible light.


It feels as if you’re in the midst of a lightning storm that, paradoxically, poses no threat to you unless you’re afraid of change. The sudden electrical activity illuminates your reality, giving you a quick glimpse of what’s ahead on your personal or professional path.

Unfortunately, integrating this epiphany into your current situation is complicated. Thankfully, you can let your newfound clarity dissipate over the coming days, or you can take action now that puts you on track to fulfilling your destiny. Olympic athlete Steve Backley wrote, “Success is a decision, not a gift.”


You believe you know what’s best for everyone now, but your actions may conflict with the consensus of your workgroup. You might be so frustrated with this fundamental difference of opinion that you’re willing to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of progress just to make your point.

Unfortunately, sabotaging someone else’s plan will not improve your position or win the support you seek. State your case clearly and then let your idea take root if others approve. However, if nothing happens, graciously let it go. A Chinese proverb teaches, “Of all the strategies, to know when to quit is the best.”


You can see what’s happening on the surface as well as anyone else now, but your heightened awareness enables you to perceive things that others might miss. Unfortunately, it’s tricky trying to explain what you know to those who share your current experience.

The situation grows even more complicated because the harder you push your perspective today, the more defensive your coworkers become. Maintain your integrity without stirring the emotional stew. Keep calm and carry on.


It seems like people are being pushed and pulled by extreme circumstances today. You might believe you could be more productive today if everyone around you settles down. In fact, you’re not sure that you can trust anyone now because the tension in the air is making others act erratically.

Nevertheless, you see the situation in an entirely new light when you discover that your anxiety is negatively influencing your friends and coworkers. Instead of worrying about someone else’s unpredictable behavior, concentrate on finding peace within your own heart.


The possibility of a new routine at work brings a combination of enthusiasm and concern. You can’t help but be excited when you think of all the opportunities that might knock at your door.

However, change brings uncertainty and you’re hesitant to step out of your comfort zone. Nevertheless, the exhilaration of imagining all the ways in which you could successfully apply your skills encourages you to run bravely into the unknown future. Nothing is gained by setting limits on your unlimited potential.


You are a sight to behold when your adventurous spirit takes hold of your heart. It might feel as if you’re launching a new phase of your life and you don’t want to put any restrictions on your potential.

Unfortunately, your anticipation may be so strong that you overlook a trouble spot. The good news is you truly have a bright future in front of you, but you must recognize the obvious difficulties before they develop into pesky problems. Ursula K. Le Guin wrote, “One must work with time and not against it.”


Your recent efforts continue to move you steadily along the path to achieving your goals. You are methodical in your approach and consistent in your progress. But someone’s over-the-top encouragement might seem out of place today and you don’t like feeling the pressure from their inflated expectations.

Although you are annoyed at the thought of taking precious time away from your work, it may be necessary to assert your competence now and strengthen your boundaries. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”


You are tired of working in the shadows and are already dreaming about the applause you will receive once your audience sees your performance. You may get an inkling of how people will react, but it’s a mistake to take any negativity that you encounter today as a sign of problems you might encounter tomorrow.

Instead of assuming a current disagreement will set the tone for an adversarial relationship later on, be playful in your interactions with others. There is no angry way to say bubbles.


Regardless of how well you know yourself, you are surprised by how quickly you change your mind now. A casual conversation with a friend may quickly deepen into an existential crisis. You might feel betrayed or even attacked as conflicting beliefs turn into a confrontational debate.

However, a sudden illumination revolutionizes your thinking in the flash of the moment, enabling you to see something as never before. Instead of assuming a self-protective stance, remain open to an empowering change of heart.

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