Sometimes you know what you want to say but the words don’t come out the way you intend them. This mistake occurs more often when you are in a hurry to make your point and you don’t take time to think about the impact of your message.

Unfortunately, you are particularly vulnerable to being misinterpreted now, making it even more important to slow down and be methodical in your delivery. Dr. Charles F. Glassman wrote, “Miscommunication leads to misunderstanding, which rarely leads to anything good.”


You want others to take you seriously because you might feel as if they don’t acknowledge all that you do. Instead of just letting the moment pass, take a risk and share your insecurities with those closest to you. As long as you don’t place blame on the other person, the results of a conversation can be very fruitful today.

You might be happily surprised when you learn that you are more valued than you thought. Poet E.E. Cummings wrote, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”


Your enthusiasm creates new professional opportunities today, but you must be willing to limit your conversations to only the most practical subjects. The cosmos is conspiring to lure you into idealistic fantasies which can be productive now, if you’re wise enough to keep them to yourself.

The truth is people make judgments about working with you based on how dependable you seem to them. Baseball player Robin Roberts said, “Dreams are vague and far away. Goals are tangible and achievable.”


Your creative imagination comes to your rescue today as you envision the possibilities on the horizon. But don’t even try to make concrete plans yet; just allow your daydreams to carry you wherever they go. Entertain even the craziest ideas as you explore any fantasy that crosses your mind now, without worrying about the limitations of the real world.

Once this process of discovery plays itself out, you will be able to use a more pragmatic filter to plan your future. Starbucks founder Howard Schultz said, “Dream more than others think practical.”


Your exuberance can work for you or against you today, depending on how you establish your limits. You are a living example of the power of positive thought and your excitement about a current project or relationship goes a long way toward pushing it to the next level.

However, expressing enthusiasm in the face of unattainable goals only brings your integrity into question. Simplifying your expectations is key. Psychologist David Myers wrote, “Like pride, blind optimism may go before a fall.”


You are open to trying something new at work when an associate encourages you to push beyond your comfort zone. In fact, you realize that you’re at a turning point and your current actions determine whether you move forward on your ambitious trajectory or if you stay exactly where you are for a while longer.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to step into your future because that moment will never come. Lewis Carroll wrote, “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”


You may be considering a new course of study in order to open an uncharted path into your future. Perhaps you have a skill that you want to develop further so you can climb the ladder of success. Whether you’re pursuing an intellectual subject or learning hands-on techniques, you can widen your horizons now by assuming the role of a student.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an educational program or an informal group of like-minded devotees. The only thing that counts is your commitment to personal growth as you prepare for the next phase of your life.


You know what you bring to a project, but you’re not sure how to make the members of your team acknowledge your real value. You are unwilling to waste your energy trying to get your coworkers to notice your potential. Instead, you wish they would simply give you an objective and let you run with it as you see fit.

In fact, your freedom of expression is the key to your current success and satisfaction. Fortunately, people are more open now to hearing about your vision and listening to what you have to offer. Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski wrote, “Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.”


You might not be happy about the timing of events at work today. You’re ready to move forward with a specific project but everyone else wants to discuss the alternatives a while longer. Although this situation can be annoying, it doesn’t quite reach the level of frustration — mostly because you know they will come around to your way of thinking soon enough.

Instead of creating ripples by pushing for your idea, let the circumstances evolve naturally now. You will end up with more support if others reach your conclusions on their own.


You are the champion of multitasking today, perfectly balancing immediate responsibilities with long-term goals. Your friends and associates may be surprised at the uncharacteristic grace with which you juggle several tasks. However, you still possess a natural talent for calculating the best route to a destination and executing your plan methodically.

Combining flexibility with singular purpose is a powerful recipe that leads you to success. Fashion designer Donna Karan wrote, “It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.”


You don’t know what to do with all the ideas popping into your head today. You realize many of your thoughts are not worth pursuing, but you also believe some are quite promising. Obviously, the difference between failure and success is the ability to separate out those flashes of inspiration which can be turned into something tangible from those that can’t.

Your reasoning power enables you to dismiss the most outrageous leads, but may also prompt you to discard an innovation that eludes logic. When in doubt, follow your intuition. Zig Ziglar wrote, “Every choice you make has an end result.”


Artistic pursuits may define your most fulfilling path, but it’s difficult to integrate them into your everyday world now. Nevertheless, suppressing your current originality is a mistake, even if you can’t express yourself fully while at work. Don’t worry if you’re unable to utilize your creativity on the job today.

Rest assured that you will be able to find time later on to cultivate expressions of your imagination. Actor Scott Caan said, “Good things happen when you set your priorities straight.”

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