People may incorrectly assume that you are giving up on a project, but that’s far from your truth. You are more committed than ever; it’s just that you’re taking time to review your progress before initiating the next phase of your game plan.

Don’t worry about the judgment of others. The cosmos will tell you everything you need to know about when to hold and when to raise the stakes. Listen to your inner guidance. Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote, “The opinion which other people have of you is their problem, not yours.”


Your determination is returning and your confidence is growing. Whatever setbacks you recently faced seem to be behind you now and you’re capable of dreaming of the future with a hopeful heart.

Although your prospects are improving, you know there is hard work between you and your goals. There’s no reason to focus on the possible trouble spots; aim your thoughts at your destination and don’t take no for an answer. An African proverb states, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”


It’s all too easy to mix up your dreams of success with your perceptions of reality. You might even believe the current opportunity is better than it actually is because your optimism is irrepressible now.

Of course, you can slip into discouragement when you acknowledge the obvious facts you previously missed. But your spirits will rise again, this time with the awareness of the actual situation. It’s better to know things as they are than as you wish them to be when it comes to matters of the heart.


Jumping to conclusions can complicate your life today. Your intuition is strong enough that the signals you receive enable you to take shortcuts, circumventing several logical steps along the way.

In many instances, you will be right, but it’s easy to unwittingly tint your thoughts with the colors of your emotions without even realizing it. You can better understand a situation when you listen to your inner voice; just be sure to check your assumptions against reality. An Arab proverb cautions, “Trust in Allah and tie your camel.”


The political framework at work is changing, and you’re less interested in social amenities now than you are in getting to the core of a pending issue. Although you may sense volatility in the atmosphere, you’re compelled to head right into the center of the storm, so you can deepen your sensitivity to the wider emotional weather patterns.

The key today is comprehension, not action. Psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote, “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”


Doing your best at work can be challenging if you’re not clear about your duties. You might receive conflicting instructions or, worse, a complete lack of direction. You’re afraid that you could waste precious time doing the wrong thing. Obviously, asking for clarification is your smartest response.

If additional information is not available now, take the most sensible path you can imagine. It’s one thing to dream of all the possibilities, but you’re better off sticking as close to the previous script as possible. Make no sudden moves today while preparing for a new start tomorrow.


Declaring a personal holiday would be the coolest thing you could do today, but it’s tough to walk away from your current obligations. Whether it’s an approaching deadline at work or your promise to follow up on some unfinished business, you might not have as much wiggle room in your schedule as you want.

Nevertheless, this may be one of those magical days when you can have your cake and eat it too. Meeting your commitments is easy if you stay on task. Talent is nothing without dedication.


You may not be able to shake yourself free from your past as memories of your childhood resurface and cry out for your attention. A current event could remind you of something you haven’t thought about for a long time and all of a sudden it’s alive in the present moment.

Whether the recollection is joyous or sad, there’s an unwillingness to let it go as if you’re leaving a part of you behind. Reminiscing is sweet, but the future is calling. Tom Petty sang, “You can look back babe, but it’s best not to stare.”


You might believe you can do anything you put your mind to today and within reason, you may be right. Your self-esteem is fueled by your imagination now; if you think you’re awesome, you are. In fact, you are like the fabled King Midas, but with a caveat.

Your active participation and ambition can turn dreams into tangible reality, not just by a simple touch, but by hard work coupled with your unshakeable conviction in yourself. Self-confidence is the foundation of success.


Your emotional sensitivity is in a state of heightened awareness. Your ability to intuitively experience the joy and pain of someone can create near-instant bonds between you and a stranger. But feeling like a psychic sponge is a mixed blessing.

You could exhaust yourself trying to process other people’s suffering. Practice creating healthy boundaries, so you can filter out everyone else’s noise while you focus on your own spiritual path. The Dalai Lama teaches, “Compassion is the radicalism of our time.”

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