Your confidence at work is contagious but it may lead you into trouble unless you curb your enthusiasm early in the day. The problem with your exuberance is it encourages others to overlook the same possible pitfalls that you are avoiding, too.

You could inadvertently jeopardize your success by ignoring the whole story. Fortunately, your work will likely pay off if you acknowledge the pros and cons simultaneously. Denying the truth doesn’t change the facts.


You might be worried that circumstances are stacked up against you and all your good intentions can’t set things right. However, your fear may be the main obstacle you need to overcome. If you think your efforts won’t lead to success, you are probably correct.

Fortunately, a surge of positive energy builds throughout the day and the sooner you can catch the wave, the farther it will take you. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Author Denis Waitley wrote, “It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.”


Your power of manifestation is so strong now that it could even surprise you. It’s almost as if pieces start to fall into place as soon as you visualize what needs to happen next. However, the apparent ease with which your dreams are turning into reality can lull you into complacency.

Just because you encounter a few successes early on, don’t get lazy today. Your vision of the future is a powerful motivating force, but you must pay your dues if you want things to continue to go your way. Intention plus hard work equals magic.


Your rocket ship is on the launch pad today, ready to carry you to your dreams. But instead of concentrating on your looming success, you might be preoccupied with those things you need to leave behind.

Nostalgia can be sweet, but it anchors you to the past and you can’t take excess baggage with you on the journey that’s about to begin. You can start the next chapter of your life only when you stop re-reading your last one. Embrace the future and don’t look back.


You are proud of your reputation for creating fun but may be frustrated today if unfulfilled obligations prevent you from pursuing pleasure. Your current inability to follow your heart might bother you more than you prefer. The whole episode seems significant, almost as if your soul is being deprived of its destiny.

However, that’s just your ego expressing its disappointment. Give yourself a moment to feel the letdown and then go to work making your dreams come true. Katherine Hepburn said, “Don’t moan, don’t whine, don’t blame. Just get on with it.”


Although you need to balance your fantasies with a taste of reality today, you will survive, and even thrive, through this unpleasant process. Ultimately, your dreams fold back on themselves now, bringing resolution from within your heart and mind — without requiring external corroboration.

But complications enter the picture when the outer world makes demands on your time. Paradoxically, Elbert Hubbard was right when he wrote, “Responsibility is the price of freedom.”


You’re more open-minded than some of your colleagues today, but you might not reveal your current preferences because you don’t want to defend them. It’s your experience that some people swing into attack mode when confronted with an idea that calls an existing belief into question.

You feel vulnerable enough now to avoid putting yourself into such a position. Keep your feelings to yourself, but continue working on your plans until they are in order. Author Joyce Meyer wrote, “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”


Your optimism is running the show today, leaving very little room for the expression of negativity or even realism. In fact, you may be entertaining possibilities that seemed totally out of the question as recently as yesterday. Fortunately, your odds for success continue to improve all day.

Everything feels ultra-significant now but there’s no need to choose one path over the others. Don’t eliminate anything prematurely from your current range of experience. You won’t likely slip back into Trivia Land to discuss the weather when such important issues are on the table.


You can see the bright side of any street today, even if it’s the middle of the night. Your current faith in humanity is unshakeable because you think everyone perceives the good in the world exactly as you do.

But misplaced hope can be tyrannical because it shifts your perspective away from taking action in the present moment. Instead, you could sit around waiting to be rescued sometime in the future. Ben Franklin wrote, “God helps those who help themselves.”


The distant horizon seems bright, encouraging you to extend your plans as far as your eye can see. But it’s nearly impossible to project data accurately into the future. Instead of relying on the facts today, listen to your intuition.

There are magical parts to your spiritual leanings, blessing you with the undocumented power of time travel and shapeshifting. Trust your instincts; they are messages directly from your soul. Conservationist John Muir wrote, “The power of imagination makes us infinite.”


Ironically, you are so focused on following through with your commitments that you may lose sight of your immediate objectives. Naturally, it’s crucial to deliver on your promises, but it’s just as important to refrain from agreeing to something you can’t deliver.

Don’t blame anyone else if you’re in a predicament because your resources are spread too thin. Admit your previous mistakes and acknowledge your current temptations. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, “Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.”


Although people appreciate your dreamy side, you may be more creative than anyone realizes now. It’s all too easy to turn yourself into a caricature today, but part of projecting your one-dimensional appearance is to throw everyone off track when they try to figure out the source of your power.

Be careful of falling for your own illusion; your game of misleading others is so expertly played that you can forget it’s not real. French painter Edgar Degas wrote, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

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