You may be so excited that you’re tempted to set everything else aside to pursue your latest idea. But suddenly the next brilliant thought that pops into your head becomes your mission of the moment.

Before you know it, you’re all over the map and can’t find your way home. The clever Gemini New Moon rocks your 3rd House of Distractions, challenging you to limit your options or pay the consequences. Heed the proverb, “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.”


Making money should be easy when you have so many lucrative ideas. However, experiencing an “aha!” moment is not the same as executing a complex sequence of events that leads to your fiscal breakthrough. The Gemini New Moon lands in your 2nd House of Possessions, bringing opportunities for adding value to your life.

Nevertheless, you still must put in the work. Whether it’s monetary wealth or spiritual riches, you will find more satisfaction if you actually follow your dreams.


Although you might need to practice more self-restraint now, you can turn the toughest situation into one that works to your advantage. The inconsistent Gemini New Moon impacts your 1st House of Self, challenging you to pick a course of action and stick with it.

Unfortunately, you may resist the need to reconsider your goals and refine your plans. Nevertheless, a judicious use of the word no enables you to say yes to those things that matter the most. Albert Einstein said, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”


You can be as quiet as a dormouse today but you can’t hide from everyone. Although the restless Gemini New Moon falls in your 12th House of Invisibility, Mercury and Venus continue to encourage your self-expression, cheering you on from the sidelines.

However, don’t bother pushing your agenda on anyone else or you’ll just wind up frustrated with nowhere to go. In the meantime, fine tune your plans and hone your skills so you’re ready to respond when the moment is ripe.


You’re up to your old tricks today, being the life of the party and charming everyone wherever you go. The witty Gemini New Moon sends sparks flying in your 11th House of Groups, prompting you to take a risk for social gain. But you might not end up content now, even if you reach your goals.

In fact, according to Mahayana Buddhist teachings, no one can maintain an enlightened state unless everyone is experiencing the same. Nevertheless, your lighthearted presence makes a difference; laughter lifts hearts as nothing else can.


You find it difficult to be at ease when there is so much data flying at you from every direction. Information seems noisy and the atmosphere is crackling with static now that the fickle Gemini New Moon is destabilizing your 10th House of Public Life. Unfortunately, you cannot find the volume knob to lower the chances of being overwhelmed by your responsibilities.

Rather than trying to change your environment, turn your attention inward and improve your attitude. Once you tweak your frame of reference, you can tolerate external distractions without being pulled off course.


Although you might have many blessings to be grateful for these days, you’re not completely satisfied with your life. The Gemini New Moon rattles your 9th House of Big Ideas, enabling you to see far beyond the horizons of your immediate reality.

It’s been said that your world grows larger as your senses grow more acute. Instead of being complacent and basking in the light of your current situation, stretch as far as you can and reach for the stars.


Once again, you may surprise others with the ease at which you dig into your subconscious and pull out a psychological gem to share with those close to you. The interactive Gemini New Moon sinks into the mysteries contained in your 8th House of Regeneration.

You possess a knack for observing a person’s flaw and relating it to something in your life to help them along their path. Your gift is one of gentle transformation. You’re willing to meet someone on their playing field and then take them on a journey of their mind.


You may grow weary of everyone’s verbosity today, prompting you to do your best to escape from the incessant chatter. You prefer one amazing conversation that soars high above all the others, like an eagle riding the thermals.

But the talkative Gemini New Moon energizes your 7th House of Relationships, creating a magnet for loquacious people. Instead of trying to evade the endless stream of stories, lower your defenses and let others in. The more you listen, the more you hear.


The pace of events on the job may be daunting but, thankfully, there is change in the air. You’re adept at adapting to your ever-increasing workload now that the flexible Gemini New Moon is shaking up your 6th House of Daily Routine.

Although you are most likely juggling too many balls at once, you’re oddly tempted to do even more. Stop the madness and just say no. Regaining control of your life only happens if you set and maintain healthy limits.


Career opportunities may be so enticing that you’re already plotting to make the most of the current cosmic energy. The inquisitive Gemini New Moon inspires your 5th House of Self-Expression, encouraging you to explore alternative methods of communication.

Your love for technology and the future nudges you forward, inviting you to learn about new media and how to combine it with the old. Feed the creative potential while it’s still on the rise.


You are sitting on pins and needles today, but those around you might not realize how fast your mind is moving. The Gemini New Moon activates your 4th House of Home and Family, creating domestic situations that demand your active participation.

But there is no halfway response; you’re either in or out. Whatever the problem is now, communication is the solution. There are no bystanders; everyone is a participant and must carry their own weight. When in doubt, err on the side of love.

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