You might think you have a handle on reality today, but you’re more likely to inadvertently distort the facts. The combination of an active imagination and a loose tongue leads you to speak half-truths as you share your inner process without filtering your thoughts.

Divulging your fantasies can deepen a relationship, but being ruthless in your quest for honesty prevents a slip that could create problems down the road. Author Marty Rubin wrote, “Aim not at being clever but at being true.”


It’s tempting to see yourself as an unwitting victim if you pass along a story that turns out to be an exaggeration. Double-checking the details may reveal that the facts have been inflated. What you are told may be technically truthful, while the conclusions are sweetened with optimism.

Being swept up in someone’s excitement can be a wonderful experience until you crash back into reality. Temper other people’s positivity with a healthy dose of pragmatism.


You are a wonder to behold today as you captivate people with your colorful stories. Words flow effortlessly from your lips as you paint vivid pictures with your imagination. Whether you’re recounting past adventures or describing future plans, others can’t tell now where reality ends and your fantasies begin.

Nevertheless, you can utilize your creative streak to explore alternative paths to your destiny. However, postpone any final choices about important matters until you are more certain about your decision. Professor Clay Christensen wrote, “Clarity of purpose trumps knowledge.”


A confluence of words and symbols amplify the intensity of your fantasies today, but there isn’t necessarily an opportunity to share your process with others. Your inner world remains a private sanctuary which is isolated from your everyday life.

People notice you seem preoccupied, but they cannot join you on your spiritual pursuit. You might wish you had companions on your journey, but don’t try to bring anyone else along when this path is meant for your steps alone. The fellowship you seek will follow if you don’t grasp for it now.


Your interactions with friends and associates are significant enough to influence the direction of your life. Your social and business activities somehow merge in a surprising turn of events today. A casual conversation can suddenly shift directions and drop into a deeper level of understanding, opening a window onto a whole new way of approaching your job.

You might meet resistance as you try to integrate your innovative thinking into your regular routine, but your persistence will pay off in the end. Helen Keller wrote, “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.”


It’s apparent that you don’t have all the information you need to judge the validity of something you are told today. It’s hard to determine if someone is purposefully deceiving you or if they are unknowingly steering you astray. Unfortunately, further discussion might not bring you the answers you seek.

Conversation is cheap and ultimately becomes more of a distraction than a way to discern the truth. Instead of listening to what you’re being told now, watch the behavior of those involved. Actions always prove why words mean nothing.


Details are elusive today, making it even more complicated to act with confidence. Your grand ideas set the stage for planning an adventure of a lifetime. However, you may feel stymied in your attempts to take your thoughts to the next level because of conflicting information you receive.

Unfortunately, you can’t successfully dream your way into the future. First, you need to find stable ground. J.K. Rowling wrote, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”


Opportunities abound but some real soul-searching is required before you can decide whether they enhance your life path or not. Reaching a conclusion is easier if you include others as you work out the logistics in your head. Thankfully, putting your doubts out in the open makes the process smoother for all involved.

The more analytical and precise you are now, the more creative you can be later on. Maya Angelou wrote, “There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.”


Everyone is talking at you today but it seems like no one is actually communicating with you. Although you may attempt to transform someone’s spoken words into an actual conversation, your desire to create a give-and-take interaction will likely fall short of your expectations now.

This frustrating situation is not necessarily a negative reflection on the other people in your life; it’s simply a by-product of the energetic environment. Ironically, taking a few steps back improves the chances for a successful connection. Good things are worth the wait.


You aren’t happy when you’re so scattered that you let little things fall through the cracks. Although you might not be so good at keeping yourself on track today, your frequent wanderings can lead to major breakthroughs, changing the way you manage your time.

However, positive results from your original thinking won’t occur right away. Assimilating new work styles into your existing routine may require time, but it will be well worth the effort in the end. Author Andrena Sawyer wrote, “If it comes easy, it will go fast.”


Nearly everything you do today is ultimately connected to your career, even if all of your strategic moves appear to have nothing in common on the surface. Pursuing your interests is magical when your favorite subjects somehow intertwine with your work. However, you can inadvertently cross a delicate line where your personal interests become counterproductive to your professional objectives.

Maintain a healthy balance between your artistic expression and your worldly goals for the best results. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”


There’s a time and a place for your dreams, yet you might need to keep them under wraps today. The imaginative realms are so integrated into your psyche that you don’t even realize how entangled your fantasies are with reality. Nevertheless, envisioning future travels may be a wonderful pastime on some days.

But it’s critical now to resist the temptation to slip off into the ethers while obligations call from the real world. Playwright Tom Stoppard wrote, “Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them.”

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