You feel low, and that is something that you have never felt before, not in this intensity. You have always prided yourself to know yourself, and your moods, and what exactly triggers your moods but right now, you cannot understand why you feel this way, especially when things seem normal and going quite right in your life.

You are starting to feel completely low and you will lean on the support your friends have to offer.

On an emotional level, you find yourself to be completely heartbroken with the betrayal you faced because of an individual whom you considered closer than a friend. They earned your trust and broke it within seconds, and this has caused you a lot of hurt and despair today.

You need to allow yourself to feel the emotions instead of suppressing them because you will not be able to heal otherwise.

You have seen your partner after so long that you would not be able to contain your excitement and will laugh uncontrollably the entire day. You will be very happy and will feel like flying in the sky and touching the clouds.

It will be a successful day for you. You may feel a little upset about the unforeseen expenditure that you may have to incur but this sadness will also be short-lived as you will get a good return on your investment.

Tension keeps on growing in your love life. Certain unresolved problems have increased the distance between you and your partner. You need to bring up the problems and try to solve them with integrity.

Understanding the perspective of your partner will be of key importance. Communicate with your partner and understand what they need. The opinion of two partners is equally required in a relationship.

According to your stars, you are going to feel nostalgic and dreary of your past at the same time. Your growing age and losing touch with the past will keep you concerned. But going back to the things you loved doing in the past will make you feel better.

You will be able to break free from the mundaneness of your life. It will help you to grow from within.

You need to understand the importance of maintaining a balance. You are going to involve yourself in so many activities that you will end up neglecting your partner. You need to understand it is the peace from home that brings calmness in oneself.

Your partner’s significance is inevitable and you need to express your sheer gratitude towards them with transparency. The power of communication is the key to a successful relationship.

The universe is going to be a little more generous to the lovers. Married people or lovers are going to experience a very delightful evening together spending time in each other’s company.

Love is going to be in the air, therefore, don’t waste your time procrastinating.

You are going to feel more attached to your partner. The sense of belonging and togetherness will be profound today which will help you resolve the problems that you and your partner have been experiencing lately.

It is the day for you to open your heart to your partner and make them realize how important they are in your life.

Today you are alright with your feelings. However, your spouse will need you to help them in coping with some trouble. They might feel vulnerable and seek your support to bear the pain.

Their emotions will overwhelm you, and you will realize how important they are in your life. You will also realize the importance of having the warmth of your loved ones around you.

There is going to be emotional stress in your love life. You might have a lot in your mind that you would like to express. But you may not be able to express it completely to your partner.

The more you procrastinate in opening up your heart the more you will feel lost. This can only lead to gaps in communication and misunderstandings between the two of you.

Your partner and you finally find the time to enjoy the company of each other, and according to your daily Aquarius horoscope of the day, you find yourself relaxing in the company.

It feels as though a weight has lifted off your shoulders and you can finally tell them what has been bothering you since morning. Open up to them and help them understand your point of view.

Although you will be suffering from depression and anxiety you will get the complete support of your close ones. Your partner will be standing right beside you strong and will love you unconditionally for the person you are.

You need to understand the importance of their presence in your life. Appreciate their sweet gesture towards you and open up about your emotions to them.

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