Today, all that surrounds you are your emotions. Although you will try hard to pay attention to all important tasks and people alike, you will probably fail. But hey! Look at the bright side.

You are at least trying your best to make things work. This is what matters most. So, there is nothing that should make you feel disheartened. Keep trying and patiently wait for the result to arrive.

You are someone who knows how to balance different things at the same time. Your commitments are always fulfilled and people are never disappointed. This is yet another day when you will prove how capable you are.

Your performance at work, your treatment of a loved one- these are aspects that make up your life and you will not compromise with either of them. Stay focused and things will fall in place.

You always believed that showing emotions and care cannot make you a strong individual. You are scared of showing that you care and you are sensitive. Sensitivity and sympathizing will not alienate you from your fellow beings, it will bring you closer.

People care about how you feel, and it is what makes you a pure human being. You cannot stand someone in pain and seek to help those who are helpless.

Your inner strength will help you engage in multilevel thinking. You will be able to notice different sides of any matter. You are right when you judge your peers and friends. If circumstances arise where logical thinking is of no help then go where your intuition takes you.

This is the ideal time to explore the potential hidden within you. Avoid any arguments today as they will only create problems for you.

Today will be an emotionally satisfying day for you, dear Leo. Everything at work is great which will infuse optimism in you. You will be confident and proud of yourself.

Spending time with your partner will make you happy and content. Overall, today will be a great day for you full of surprises and joyousness.

You will be in a more easygoing mood today. No issue will disturb you and you will be able to handle every situation with a smile on your face. You will also be helpful in solving a dispute today.

You will spread joy and cheer wherever you go. Your flirting skills are commendable and you will use your skills with whomever you meet.

You can get surrounded by some problems and this can make your mood get cranky. You will find that you have an undesirable company of people (friends mostly!) and they make your mood go low.

This can also ruin your reputation as Libras are known by the company they keep. The immoral persons that are surrounding you will grab you down to their levels. Improve the levels of your company of people and start to see the changes.

You need to understand that your overprotectiveness will often come off as overbearing and dominating to the members of your family and the people who are close to you.

You have to understand that sometimes, the best thing you can give them is space and you will have to stop interfering in their personal lives, no matter how much you try to protect them from trouble and heartbreak.

You will face mixed emotions today. You will enjoy spending time with your partner and will be very happy at that moment. But the prospect of separating from her fills you with despair and hopelessness.

Your mind will also be preoccupied with the thoughts of your mother. The thought of her not being fine will disappoint you a lot.

You will swing between practical and emotional matters today. Planetary movements indicate that it is possible you will be very emotional in the morning and will judge several matters on the basis of your emotional reactions.

This will only lead to unsound judgments but things will start to work out in the evening hours and you will obtain a more practical method. You are likely to flirt a lot today.

If you do not do something about your anxieties, emotions can ruin everything beautiful that might occur in your life today. After a long period of boredom, you would certainly not want that to happen.

So, rather than letting sad emotions dampen your spirit today, jump in into a new world that you will be happy to learn about. And who knows, something might even work out for you today!

Planetary arrangements will make you feel drained mentally. You will feel like your head is moving in different directions because you have been occupied with several responsibilities.

Try to maintain a balance between all your responsibilities and with your patient and persistent attitude, the results may end up being quite rewarding. Make this your mantra today, Balance is the key to everything. You might want to go to your partner to get emotional support.

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