You have a tendency to ruin every good relation around you. Your intentions are always right, but the way you choose hurts them.

This time if you really want to do something good for your close ones, then lock up your ego and tone down your voice. People love you no matter what you do, it is your turn to show them how much you care.

You have been neglecting your body for eternity. Your body has issues, and it is clearly evident, you can ignore it, but it will keep on reminding you.

It is no way of handling your only wealth, that is your health. You need to get your sugar level checked, and you must rightly continue your medicines. Taking random antibiotics can bring havoc to your health.

You are disappointed as you were expecting a promotion. However, you would not receive any good news until you start accepting yourself.

If you want to progress and blend with others, then you must take help from technology. You have to understand that technology can be a helpful part of your life too. You must utilize it in your work as well.

Colors of the day: White, Grey, Lavender

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, A

Cosmic tip: Everything will come to a happy end. Have patience.

Tips for Singles: You will soon meet the love of your life (in your dreams).

Tips for Couples: Tone down your arrogance when talking to your partner, shouting would not help.

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