Mercury moves into your solar third house, dear Gemini, and will stick around in this sector of your solar chart for longer than usual – until September 5th.

During this cycle, you’re especially into communicating and connecting, as well as keeping busy, mostly on mental levels.

You’re more talkative, expressive, interested, and interactive. You express yourself more flowingly although not always with a lot of warmth, depending on your mood – something to watch for!

There can be exclusive news and perhaps gossip, information-gathering, staying more connected and on top of your daily affairs, taking tests, running errands, and increased involvement with siblings or the neighborhood in the period ahead.

Today, a Mercury-Uranus transit can be a little disorienting as it shakes up schedules and thought processes, however.

There can be many ideas but little organization! Tension results from trying too hard to make order out of chaos.

Watch for speaking too soon about a matter. Even so, something that is released now may lead to a relieving conversation.

Your words seem to have a life of their own today. Although you are expressing the thoughts as your lips are moving, it feels as if the content is being channeled from someone else.

In fact, you are the recipient of a special metaphysical key that unlocks a door to other worlds. Don’t stand in your own way by filtering everything you say now.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your trust in the universe and follow your own intuition. But above all, let your message be one of truth and kindness.

Today’s Quote: “Remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Fair

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