Lately, you have been very grumpy over trivial things, Dear Gemini. Your ego has stopped you from being kind to almost everyone. You have said several hurtful things to your loved ones out of anger.

But now, it is time to mend the issues and resolve the fights. You cannot go on like this. You have a delicate heart that needs love and care. You can pretend that you are okay, but it would not make you feel any better.

You have single-handedly decided to ruin your health. You have not only neglected your food but also stopped taking your medicines. It is not a noble work to ditch health, and you know that.

You have engrossed yourself in irrational drinking. It is spoiling you, your kidney, and your relationship. You need to get over it. You also need to work on anger-management skills, so that next time, you do not let your ego overwhelm you.

You are at the peak of your position, but you know that you can do better. You are looking out for ways that will ensure a progression. You do not want to stay in this position for long.

Moreover, you are a one-man army, your inability to work as a team is causing hindrance. You need to learn to tackle small troubles at work in a better way.

Colors of the day: Wine Red, Purple

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, B

Cosmic tip: Your belief in your surroundings must be restored.

Tips for Singles: if you are not willing to adjust your schedule for a meet, then you are not ready for a relationship.

Tips for Couples: You need to resolve the fights that are keeping you away from your partner.

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