One or more coworkers might appear upset about the job or downright depressed. This could impact your productivity. The coworkers in question won’t be interested in communicating with each other, so you can just ignore them and continue working despite the circumstances. Although it will be more difficult than normal, you are capable of handling it.

The day’s astral energies emphasize your adaptable nature. This is where balance and acceptance of all challenges are key to success. Your sensitive nature is important to take care of, especially during stressful times. You should do what you enjoy the most. Relax, take a break, and listen to the music that you like. Let your imagination guide you.

You will defend your values and principles. You might be unable to keep your mouth shut while shaming the behavior and attitudes of your potential or current partner. You and your relationship will be hurt if you suppress your true emotions about these matters.

“Not forever does the bulbul sing
In balmy shades of bowers,
Not forever lasts the spring
Nor ever blossom the flowers.
Not forever reigneth joy,
Sets the sun on days of bliss,
Friendships not forever last,
They know not life, who know not this.”

Colors of the day: Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: G, S, K

Cosmic Tip: Take enough time to pamper yourself

Tips for Singles: Coffee and music is just about everything you need right now.

Tips for Couples: Acknowledge your mate’s say.

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