This week is all about accepting the positive changes that are coming into your life. Everything that you have been manifesting will come to fulfillment. If you have been working hard to achieve your goal, be assured opportunities are coming your way. Not only professionally but also in terms of relationship and your love life you will have been able to achieve a significant milestone. This might be the week when you and your partner decide to take the relationship a step ahead.

A pleasant and optimistic mindset will have positive impacts on your health. Your health will be doing fine and no major health problems are foreseen this week. You will be relaxed and will try to focus on your personal and mental growth. Certain exciting opportunities as the week progresses may make you feel overwhelmed, therefore it is advisable not to get too carried away.

It is going to be an exciting week for you. There are high chances of getting a promotion. Good possibilities are there for a sudden hike in your income. If you have been planning to switch your career it might be best for you to postpone the plan. Meticulous planning will be required as your current job will bring you better professional opportunities. You will be gaining a lot of support from your colleagues as well.

Leap of faith and express your emotions. You will have excellent romantic potential. Be prepared to meet someone special who will have significant importance in your life for a considerable period. It is the week for the couples to restore peace and harmony. Try to resolve the past issues and problems which have been disturbing your relationship.

If you are a businessman and have been planning to travel for a business trip, success is confirmed. You need to be confident with your actions and rely on the approach you have taken. If you have been planning to spend some quality time with your beloved this might be the week to make the dream, come true. Plan for a surprise romantic vacation at a private villa in the arms of nature.

Colors of the week: Almond Yellow, Sea Green

Lucky Numbers of the week: 4,7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, N

Cosmic Tip: Try not to be too overwhelmed and carried away with your emotions.

Tips for Singles: Prepare yourself to receive unexpected news from your crush.

Tips for Couples: Resolve the previous issues and Express your love towards partner.

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