It is going to be a very productive week for you. The week will help you to increase your responsibilities. You need to take action very carefully and smartly. Be creative with your perspective and approach as you will be able to make significant progress during this week. You need to break the limits which have been holding you back and look for opportunities to expand your vision and opportunities. You are going to attain valuable lessons this week, therefore you need to be more open and welcoming to new ideas.

You will be facing stomach-related health problems this week. You might even suffer from seasonal health problems such as flu, cold, or cough. Try to keep an eye on what you will be consuming this week as maintaining a healthy diet will be required to remain fit. Avoid indulging in junk food or overindulgence at parties can cause serious health problems. Stick to nonalcoholic beverages to avoid health problems.

This week will prove to be fortunate for you. Your planetary alignments are in your favor which can bring you positive news and expand your opportunities. However, you should not be too carried away as certain planetary alignments during the middle of the week will have a significant impact on your career. Therefore, try to avoid making decisions in a hurry as it might bring you some disappointments. The later part of the week will help you bring more focus and you will be able to have better clarity about the further proceedings.

It is an excellent week to reconnect with your family members. If certain relationships have been rusted, it is the right time to turn those into amicable one. Your bond with your loved ones will be strengthened. As the week progresses you will have a better idea and understanding of your weaknesses and will be able to work towards them. If you are in a relationship this week will be very helpful to improve and strengthen your bond with your beloved.

If you have been planning to travel, nothing can stop you this week. It is your opportunity to live in the moment and make as many memories as possible. Take a trip to Mt Abu or get mesmerized in the arms of nature. Your positive attitude towards life will help to achieve success and fame if you are traveling for an important business trip. Be assured you are going to sign off the deal with great deals which are going to bring huge profits for your company.

Colors of the week: Green, Blue

Lucky Numbers of the week: 2, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, D

Cosmic Tip: Be more welcoming to new ideas, don’t take any decision in haste.

Tips for Singles: Give the time as results are going to be in your favor.

Tips for Couples: Plan a romantic weekend your partner.

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