Dear Taurus, this week is full of life and you would be enjoying it while vibing with it. Though the upcoming week is full of highs and lows, you are a warrior. This week will be full of experiences that will add to your personality. It is expected this week that you might end up meeting an old acquaintance who would add to your perspective of life. So, it is recommended to cherish these experiences which you come across this week. Moreover, the weekend has great news for you, so be prepared for positive experiences ahead.

Taurus, the week is kind of a mix-up for your health. At the beginning of this week, you may have some minor problems like headaches because of your work stress. Therefore, it is suggested to you to take care of your schedule that it may not overburden your health. There are chances that these issues could turn out to be major. Therefore, take care of your schedule and your fitness regime followed by a proper diet.

Dear Taurus, you are the owner of patience and impatience at the same time. Though you have been giving your efforts for a longer period it’s not the right time to plow your field. Remember, you have made it here because of your self-belief, and no matter what, you will always make it through things. Believing in yourself is all that you can do. Also, it is recommended not to get into any argumentative situation at your workplace this week ahead.

At the initial part of the week, you might feel stressed or burnt out because of your work-related commitments. But as the week passes, things will get better and so will you. The later part of the week shows you to be in a joyful situation. Self-motivation is the key to the gates of an evolved life and you shall find some within yourself. In a nutshell, this is a great week for you. Having patience and control over your emotions will allow you to win over every mountain.

Dear Taurus, you are a wanderer but for the week there are no such trips planned by you. And, the best part is despite being a wanderer you would enjoy sitting at home and planning your weekends with your friends and family. You would also be in touch with many traveling books and different travel content. Hence you will travel metaphorically while you contemplate.

Colors of the week: Red, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the week: 7, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, R

Cosmic Tip: Work hard, and watch how the doors of opportunity open for you

Tips for Singles: Go on dates by yourself, and be comfortable in your own company.

Tips for Couples: Go couple activities if you feel that your bond is weak.

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