You will be in a creative mood today. You are unusually attracted to fantasies and role-plays. You tend to find romance in every place and have a potent fantasy life that you can get a chance to experience in reality. You can instinctively decide to follow an impractical dream either in your relationship or career. However, it is advised to not make any big decisions now. Someone close to you just might be in love with you.

You will be able to remove a physical ailment because of your optimistic attitude. Sound health is likely to keep you in a good mood today. If you keep a positive perspective towards life, as a result, you will improve your health. It is necessary to get rid of any negative thoughts that come in your immediately so that they cannot affect you. It is advised to do meditation to maintain a positive perspective.

Dear Gemini, you are likely to get mood swings today. But you are determined and strong and it can help you kick out negative thoughts from your life. Complaining about your situations can sometimes help in the short run but you need to adapt yourself according to the situation to benefit in the long run. Although your mood will be charged most of the time today so use this day to express your love towards those you care about.

“Release seems to come only when we allow ourselves to be truly stuck—when we find ourselves all out of tricks and skillful means. As we allow ourselves to surrender to the prosaic and the holy in the particular form of this moment, we open ourselves to the grace of letting things be—the grace that functions effortlessly and is, indeed, the very fabric of our life.”

Colors of the day: Neon yellow, White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1,9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, L

Cosmic tip: Music can heal your soul.

Tips for Singles: Embrace your independence.

Tips for Couples: Do not expect your partner to complete you.

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