You find yourself meditating more, and today would be one of those days, Dear Leo. You are calmer when you meditate and it helps in improving your concentration. You can be quite stubborn and it would be advised that you should just let go of the petty argument between your partner and you. Admit your mistake when you are wrong. If your partner is wrong, let them know politely.

You will find yourself in search of various new physical activities that will not only challenge you but will also help you remain fit. On the mental level, you find yourself communicating with your friends and family more, which brings you more peace. You find yourself being calmer and more diplomatic. You have been eating healthy and you can see the changes in your body because of that. This is very positive.

Being a Leo, you often hide your sensitive side from others because they are bound to disappoint you. This is why you find yourself often heartbroken or just plain disappointed when it comes to people. You tend to anticipate the damage before it occurs and you will see that today you will be proven to be wrong. Give yourself time to heal and move on.

“Release seems to come only when we allow ourselves to be truly stuck—when we find ourselves all out of tricks and skillful means. As we allow ourselves to surrender to the prosaic and the holy in the particular form of this moment, we open ourselves to the grace of letting things be—the grace that functions effortlessly and is, indeed, the very fabric of our life.”

Colors of the day: Red, Silver

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: N, R, L

Cosmic Tip: Get out of your comfort zone and take up new challenges.

Tips for Singles – Get out of your house to explore the new cafes nearby.

Tips for Couples – Take some time off from each other.

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