You have been greatly introduced to new things in life. It is time to prepare yourself to face the challenges that will come your way. Whatever you are being asked, be ready with your answers to explain it. Your efforts are going to last long and will be helpful in making progress. Do not forget to pamper and revitalize yourself in between all of this. You will realize that sharing your problems with your partner will be very helpful for you.

Your health will be top-notch today. You have been experiencing a lot of energy lately and a great deal of desire to utilize this energy and get some exercise. If you continue these good habits that you have created the desirable platform to achieve your fitness goals; you will notice that your health is always great. You can be called to do a physically tough activity and you will be able to complete it because of your energy levels.

You can get disappointed by the people around you due to the position of the Moon. People might be trying to take advantage of your kind behavior and it can make you feel frustrated. Dear Scorpio, you need to be very careful around people and draw a line between being naive and feeling generous. You will notice that your partner has been very supportive when you share your problems with them.

“Release seems to come only when we allow ourselves to be truly stuck—when we find ourselves all out of tricks and skillful means. As we allow ourselves to surrender to the prosaic and the holy in the particular form of this moment, we open ourselves to the grace of letting things be—the grace that functions effortlessly and is, indeed, the very fabric of our life.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Purple

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 4

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K, E

Cosmic Tip: Happiness comes from within. It does not depend on the circumstances around you.

Tips for Single – Time to learn few basics

Tips for Couples: Celebrate small moments with each other.

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