This can be a week of surprises and sudden discoveries or actions, dear Gemini, and today, your mind is particularly investigative.

You’re likely to come up with inventive solutions to problems and ideas for future projects. Friendships are stimulating and lively, and perhaps quite surprising now. Networking can lead to useful discoveries or opportunities.

You may need to make changes on the fly, but you’re especially adaptable, and others appreciate that quality. Expressing your affections and interest comes very naturally today.

The need to effect change relates to the sector of your solar chart that rules your friendships and group associations, as well as your hopes and wishes for the future.

Today is good for playing with ideas along these lines as you build toward wanting to take action on them in the coming days.

An eccentric person in your life teaches you useful new ways to communicate, almost through osmosis. Spending time with inventive people always catalyzes change, but not always change you can control.

Nothing brings you more joy than gathering novel quirks, turns of phrase, and fascinating facts. Thankfully, you get them en masse today.

The tricky part will be remembering all the clever ideas, or at least the ones you want to be remembered by. Have a serious think about the legacy you are leaving behind while you still have the chance to change it.

Having the Moon in a social and serendipitous part of your chart during Mars’ last weekend is amplifying what is already there, which makes this a lot more effective.

The Moon can amplify the hunches, clues and signs that have the power to put you in the right place at the right time, and at a time when Mars’ last weekend here is giving you the courage to take some blind leaps of faith.

Yet it is not just the laws of synchronicity that are in full effect this weekend, with the Moon giving you an intuitive read on the eureka moments being triggered.

Today’s Quote: “A big part of being a well-adjusted person is accepting that you can’t be good at everything.”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 13, 18, 21, 26, 38

Daily Compatibility: Aries

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Good

Business: Good

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