With the Sun and Neptune heading towards a harmonious aspect, dear Gemini, it’s a good time to let go of any tendencies to control things in your life.

This is the way to increased personal power! There can be wonderful inspiration and imagination today, particularly surrounding business and finances.

You might find that plans and insights come together quite beautifully, or you may enjoy a good feeling of confidence and wonderfully creative and compassionate energy in your professional or public dealings.

This is a time for building your inner strength too with the Moon’s move into your privacy sector. The intangible or spiritual realms are a real part of your daily life right now, and this helps to make you feel more secure and filled.

During downtime, you might try getting in touch with the magic of the simple life, such as lighting candles, creating a pleasing atmosphere, or doing activities that bolster feelings of inner strength.

Today heralds a dawn of a new form of pleasurable aesthetic self-expression. Your natural flexibility shines when interacting with forces that appear beyond your control.

You’re much more influential when you lead by example, rather than telling others what to do. Sharing your feelings with transparency cultivates true intimacy.

Apply your best advice to your own life. Remain in flow and see just how beautifully effective your word actually is.

As Jupiter spends his last weekend in retrograde motion, the largest and most powerful planet in the solar system has put the brakes on.

You may find that you can’t find the get up and go needed to either keep your work hat on over the weekend, catch up with chores around the house or the things on your ‘to do’ list.

Yet this is the ideal day for pondering. For with a turnaround on the job front just three days away and a solar eclipse on the income front two days later, this is a valuable chance to regroup.

Today’s Quote: “Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 16, 23, 27, 48

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Excellent

Love: Good

Business: Good

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