You may feel a bit of cabin fever today due to the planets. You may feel the need to get away from it all for a bit. You might try a different route. Take a road trip down a country you have never been to. Find some antique shops. It’s likely that you need to take a step back from your everyday routine. It will make you feel refreshed.

In the spiritual realm, it may feel like your eyes are a blur. Now is the time to look within at what’s missing in today’s human race. You will be able to see clearly and trust your intuition by drinking brewed tea with eyebright or cantaloupes containing beta-carotene. You might be able to help others out of an unpleasant situation.

The astral energy of today means getting involved in social activities, participating in discussions, and joining committees is a great way to enhance your love life. You won’t find love by just hoping for someone special. It is possible by actively participating and expanding your horizons. This is how you can make someone love you as you are.

“You are allowed to take up space. Own who you are and what you want for yourself. Stop downplaying the things you care about, the hopes you have. Own your passions, your thoughts, your perceptions. Own your fire. Stop putting your worth in the hands of others; stop letting them decide your value. Own saying no, saying yes. Own your mood, your feelings. Own your plans, your path, your success.”

Colors of the day: Yellow, Black, Golden

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 5, 6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: J, A

Cosmic Tip: Have a little patience and loads of hope!

Tips for Singles: Call up the person you’ve been missing lately.

Tips for Couples: Go take a vacation or a road trip.

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