Believe in yourself and always remember, you deserve the very best. Taking a stand for yourself and walking away from an unhealthy relationship is going to open many new doors for you. There are always red flags of a toxic relationship and today you will finally notice those flags. Say thanks to your friend who helps you realize your worth and what you deserve.

Your mind will be occupied with a lot of things today. Staying hydrated and taking a walk in the open air will help you clear your mind. Don’t eat any fried or junk food today as your body needs water. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in water like cucumber or watermelon. You might even join a yoga workshop in the evening that you saw on social media.

You are likely to receive very big and good news today. You might get a big project or your partner will propose to you. There are good things coming your way today that will cheer up your mood. You will even call all your friends and family members to tell them the good news. They will be so happy for you and send their warm wishes to you.

“The changes we make in life often happen when we have a degree of certainty. However, the pain of our past failures and the fears of our peers often fuel our uncertainty. This inability to predict the future is why people find themselves stuck and unable to move forward. They don’t want to feel the emotions of failure. They prefer to talk themselves into settling for an “okay” life, rather than the life they really want. However, failure is a matter of perspective! Is it not failure when you don’t take a chance on the one thing you need? There is no happiness in regret, staying safe or settling for anything less than what you can have through action.”

Lucky colours for the day: Magenta, Yellow

Lucky numbers for the day: 2,5,7

The lucky alphabet you will be in sync: M, S.

Cosmic tip: Anger can be managed.

Tips for singles: Going out with someone your friend suggested might be the right move

Tips for Couples: Going out on a date today can excite your partner

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