You are entitled to a day off. You can relax and enjoy the company of beautiful art. You can even create your own. You’ve always wanted to be creative. Start today! You have a lot of creativity and intuitiveness. This combination could lead to something truly extraordinary.

Keep your feet on the ground with walking, running, and yoga. You may feel a little unsure of your friends and family due to the high levels of emotional energy caused by the planetary alignment. Regular exercise can help you keep your distance. Focusing on your inner world will bridge the gap between reality and your sensitive emotions.

You are free to be weird, unusual, or particularly strange today. It’s a great opportunity to meet someone who is just like you. Although your budding romance might not go as planned, it will still be special and meaningful for you. Enjoy the journey.

“I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t.”

Colors of the day: Pink, White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: U, A, R

Cosmic Tip: Be humbler.

Tips for Singles: Give yourself a lot of time for now.

Tips for Couples: Jealousy will not help in any way. Practice self-love so that you can deserve the insecurity about losing your partner and avoid doubting them.

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