Things are not going as planned, Leo. Be aware that emotions can cause people to act out in unpredictable, strong bursts. You may feel distant from your feelings and find it difficult to connect with the real you. Try to keep a positive outlook. This is all that anyone needs.

Today’s aspect allows you to clean out your body and emotions. You may have an emotional issue that has been bothering your heart. It may be helpful to either write down your frustrations or draw an image depending on how severe the problem is. You can try to let it go. Once you are able to resolve the problem, you can do some exercise to stimulate new blood flow and finish the cleansing.

Life can be beautiful with the help of today’s celestial energies. There is plenty of romance out there and it’s possible to receive an amazing romantic gift from someone you love. Don’t accept a gift from someone you don’t know well until you are sure they are genuine.

“I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead they would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Brown

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, S

Cosmic Tip: Dear native, do not believe anything other than your intuition.

Tips for Singles: You are a passionate individual, there is no point in bragging about your singleness.

Tips for Couples: You need a relaxing session with your partner to come closer.

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