The New Moon occurring today provides you the opportunity to start a new chapter of your life or to reach a critical turning point, dear Gemini, particularly in your personal affairs, with family, and with home-related matters.

This is an important time for taking charge and latching onto a solid goal or direction for making improvements to your support system and living conditions. For some of you, this can be a time for home projects or improved routines around the home.

Matters of the heart, security, and comfort are in focus. Strengthening relationships with roommates, family, and loved ones can be in order in the coming weeks.

Today, work requires more diligence and concentration than usual. If you’ve been pushing too hard towards a work or fitness goal, there could be a roadblock or slowdown today that reminds you that long-term success requires pacing yourself.

Particular care should be taken with friends, your work, and co-workers today.

You hardly recognize where you live anymore; everything feels so fresh now. Amazing things happen around your domestic space when you apply your full attention.

You may also have family on your mind and are intent on giving those relationships more tender loving care today.

Honoring your foundation enables you to be free to consider how your daily routines can support your new normal. This deep renewal is an expression of self-love and nurtures your emotional growth.

The timing of today’s New Moon and even any work/life balance tension this might create, couldn’t come with better timing.

The Sun and Moon align to put the focus firmly on home and family matters, with an opposition with Neptune on the career front creating some tension between your home and professional lives.

Yet this is the day when the pace really starts to pick up, not just on the job front but with whatever keeps you busy. With the year not only becoming busier by staying busy, the right work/life balance is a must.

Today’s Quote: “Smiling is the best way to face any problem, to crush every fear and to hide every pain.”

Lucky Numbers: 4, 19, 34, 35, 39, 43

Daily Compatibility: Libra

Creativity: Good

Love: Excellent

Business: Fair

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