You can be especially interested in doing your best today, dear Gemini, with the Moon’s move into your solar sixth house and its harmony with Saturn.

Your performance matters more to you than usual, but it’s not anxious energy — in fact, you are quite happy to make improvements. There are solutions to problems to be found today, and they’re very practical ones.

You could benefit significantly from investigation or research. Looking into health and wellness programs or ideas, and exploring what you might do to make the most of these things and your work can be successful.

Improving your habits and health should be the goal now, and thankfully, you’re beginning to feel in the right frame of mind for it. Efforts to organize and minimize debt get powerful support now.

Just because everybody else does it, doesn’t mean you should. Honor your own opinions and trust the small whisper that is intuition.

Politely steering away from disagreement so you don’t crush the egos of those around you does not helping anyone involved. Be free so that you can transform into your pure self. Do not take your time or skills for granted.

Every other time that the Moon has left a playful part of your chart and returned to your work sector each month, the shift has been total.

With no planets in a playful part of your chart and Jupiter in your work sector, these playful lunar vibes have been all but forgotten.

However, that did not happen when the Moon left yesterday, with Venus making sure of that. In her first full week in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, Venus is making sure life doesn’t become all work and no play.

Today’s Quote: “Mediocrity will always try to drag excellence down to its level. Don’t trade your superiority for their inferiority.”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 16, 27, 29, 36, 42

Daily Compatibility: Libra

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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