Dear Gemini your personal life is a bit of a mess right now. There is constantly pushing and pulling happening with a love interest in your life which is making you feel dejected and morose. A lot of misunderstandings have arisen between the two of you and you do not know how to deal with them at the moment. It is best if you take out some alone time today and contemplate on your attitude rather than hold your love interest on blame.

Dear Gemini. Now, the poor state of your mental health is reflecting on your physical health. You may have gotten thin in the past couple of weeks and grown dark circles underneath your eyes. It is time that you take matters into your hands and not depend on anyone or time to heal back everything you have gone through. You are the only one who can make it alright soon.

Dear Gemini, the time has come to open up and not obscure your authentic feelings anymore. Whatever emotional problem and blockage you are going through has arisen due to disturbances and misunderstandings in your love life. It is best if you try to spell out your feelings for your partner to create more cohesion between you and them. As an Air Sign, it is extremely difficult to put your feelings into words but now is the time to break this biggest limitation in your life.

“We learn to accept change graciously. ‘Who did what to who’ is a trifling matter compared with preserving a stable and peaceful mind. In this way, all change will be to our benefit and will be an advancement in our capacity to fulfil our potential. Life will reward us with love, respect, and success. There is never a day when the world is not asking for our caring, courageous love. If we share that love freely and bravely, we will always have love returned to us. The world becomes our home and its inhabitants become our family.”

Lucky Color: Golden

Lucky Number: 3, 9

Lucky Alphabet: Q

Cosmic Tip: Do not keep a fixed attitude. Different situations require different attitudes. Be flexible.

Tips for Singles: Bitching about someone behind their back does not make you attractive.

Tips for Couples: Trust and communication are two essential ingredients of a healthy relationship.

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