Dear Leo, your personal life is like a wave created in a pond due to the throwing of a pebble. You are happy, then you become anxious, then sad, and then again happy. There is no midway for you to be at right now which is troublesome for you and people are you. Outside, everything is fine and you are not facing any kind of trouble from outside circumstances but the inner atmosphere of yourself does not feel fine. It will take time to quieten down all this. It is been very long for you to feel this way.

Owing to the personal emotional disturbances you are feeling right now Leo, you should give Yoga and Meditation a try if you haven’t already. Seek out some Yoga teachers nearby you and learn some beginner’s practices. It is going to help you tremendously. Yoga is not about stretching limbs. It is about making yourself flexible for life. All these disturbances will then begin to feel puny to you Leo. Do not resist this positive change that you can forge in your life right now.

Your emotions today could be all over the place Dear Leo. It would be best if you do not pay attention to all these raging emotions. They will quieten down on their own. Try to spend some time out in nature, doing meditation or Yoga. It will channel your emotions in a better direction and you feel much calmer and better than before.

“We learn to accept change graciously. ‘Who did what to who’ is a trifling matter compared with preserving a stable and peaceful mind. In this way, all change will be to our benefit and will be an advancement in our capacity to fulfil our potential. Life will reward us with love, respect, and success. There is never a day when the world is not asking for our caring, courageous love. If we share that love freely and bravely, we will always have love returned to us. The world becomes our home and its inhabitants become our family.”

Colors of the day: Orange, White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, Y

Cosmic Tip: Do not try to emulate anyone.

Tips for Singles: Try to spend some time alone every day and not in the company of others.

Tips for Couples: Communicate better to avoid misunderstandings and petty fights.

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