Dear Scorpio, you are worried about your future a lot because a lot of uncertainty is what you see whenever the word future pops inside your head. You do not know what to do about it. Whenever these worried feelings arise inside you, you like to distract yourself for the time being but they return once again. The future is truly scaring you and your mind seems to feed on it 24/7.

Water is your key element astrologically Scorpio and is connected with your mental and emotional health directly. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. If there is a water body nearby where you live, a small pond or a river, or even just a pool, you must take a tip in it every day to connect with the Water element. It will do wonders for you in terms of health and the fear of uncertainty that you are harboring right now will wane away slowly.

It is very easy for you to suppress your emotions, Dear Scorpio. You feel as if you try to express them authentically, others around you will get hurt. This makes the suppression of these emotions even stronger which later manifest in your life very negatively. To break this pattern, it is best if you start practicing to out loudly express your emotions in a tempered way and do not attach any significance to them if you wish to remain silent.

“We learn to accept change graciously. ‘Who did what to who’ is a trifling matter compared with preserving a stable and peaceful mind. In this way, all change will be to our benefit and will be an advancement in our capacity to fulfil our potential. Life will reward us with love, respect, and success. There is never a day when the world is not asking for our caring, courageous love. If we share that love freely and bravely, we will always have love returned to us. The world becomes our home and its inhabitants become our family.”

Colors of the day: Pea Green, Coral

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, K

Cosmic Tip: Depression and anxiety are fancy words for your inability to live life fully.

Tips for Singles: Do not compare your life with anyone else.

Tips for Couples: Always be grateful for your partner.

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