Today, you are a bit nervous to embrace the new change that you are going to witness today. You will feel happy about the progressions, but you are a bit anxious too. You must try hard to avoid any kind of trouble today as you do not want it to ruin your mood, peace, and patience. You will also try to avoid any argument with your loved ones. It is your way of showing that you need their support.

Your health is thriving and for good. You are healthy and fit, thanks to your determination of staying away from the things that you are asked to not have like sweets. You will enjoy a good sleep, and that will give you a fresh mind. You will also feel like adopting new health routines and practicing them. As a whole, your day will go fine, but you must reduce your drinking.

Dear Gemini, you are about to enter something new. The new job role or, office will intimidate you a bit, but with time you will start to feel better. You will feel nervous to ask your colleagues about their experiences, but soon you will find yourself surrounded by a lot of friendly people at work. The new projects and prospects will keep you busy, and you will enjoy them to the fullest.

Today’s Quote: “A reminder to be resilient. NO. MATTER. WHAT. Dig yourself out of your hole and move. Just move. It’ll get better. One bad day does not = a bad life.”

Colors of the day: Violet, Wine Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, S

Cosmic tip: Nothing in life comes easy, you have to struggle to discover happiness.

Tips for Singles: Discover more ways of enjoying yourself and your company.

Tips for Couples: Sometimes passion is all you need to make things work.

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