Personal Horoscope
You have been through a lot lately, yet your quota of troubles is not over. No matter how much you try, something or other always creeps up and causes hindrance for you.

Nothing comes easy to you, and this may have turned you into a frustrated but hardworking individual. However, it is a good sign as now you know the secret mantra of success. It is patience and hard work.

Health Horoscope
It is great that you take your health seriously and exercise regularly. But it seems that your endurance and enthusiasm have influenced you to practice a vigorous exercise schedule. You need to stop that immediately.

Your body needs rest as well. Moreover, exercise should be followed by a good diet. And neglecting your food to reduce weight is a bad sign for your overall health. Try brisk walking and eat well.

Profession Horoscope
You are working hard even at your workstation. Perhaps people are not recognizing your efforts and troubles right now. But, do not worry, it will pay off soon. Your dedication and devotion will not go unnoticed.

However, you need to be cautious. Some colleagues of yours will likely try to seize this opportunity to steal your ideas and call them theirs. Do not let them take advantage of you.

Today’s Quote: “Don’t be in such a rush to reach a goal, that you reach the goal before you are ready. Sometimes, we learn such valuable lessons along the way. Sometimes, we learn more about ourselves and discover that we actually want something different. Put your heart into what you do, but don’t rush. Good things take time.

Colors of the day: Purple, Teal

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: M, U

Cosmic tip: If it’s meant for you it will find ways to be with you.

Tips for Singles: Do you think you are ready for a commitment? Good! Now go commit to your diet.

Tips for Couples: Be grateful to your partner, don’t take them for granted.

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