While this is an active day for thinking outside the box and finding exciting and new ways to approach problems, dear Gemini, there can be a tendency for mental disconnects to occur with people around you, especially co-workers or those with whom you share your daily routines.

There is a surprise element to the day, such as a chance meeting that gets your mind working overtime. New ideas and discoveries can be made on a private and emotional level, and they’re exciting.

Also today, Mercury moves into your work and health sector for three weeks. This is a time for focusing on procedures and methods, perfecting projects, getting chores done, and organizing your personal living and working spaces.

It’s an excellent time for updating skills and for learning topics that help improve your work and health. Watch for a tendency to fret a little too much about the small things during this cycle.

Run full throttle with enthusiastic self-expression today. The energetic flow moves you toward the people, places, and activities that most make you tick.

By focusing your attention fully on a meaningful project or a special relationship, you can get every last drop of joy from any experience.

If the operative principle is that you get what you give, you’re in luck now. The authenticity you share is a genuine treasure.

With the Moon starting the day in a playful part of your chart, but ending the day in your work sector, a balance between work and play was always going to be important.

Even more so with Mercury also doing the same and with other powerful forces, already and remaining in play on both fronts.

It is their return to your work sector that gives you an intuitive and intellectually savvy edge, just a day after Jupiter moved into his final month. This allows you to work smarter, while also trusting your gut.

Today’s Quote: “Never let your fear decide your future.”

Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 13, 29, 35, 39

Daily Compatibility: Leo

Creativity: Fair

Love: Good

Business: Fair

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