As someone who never jumps into anything without thinking and being engrossed in the details of everything, this planetary alignment today will certainly throw you into a mess. The more you think the worse you’ll get. Relax, calm down and take a deep, slow breath. Let it flow.

It’s not always simple to start over. Sometimes, you may need a lot of encouragement and coaxing. You might be able to change your lifestyle to improve your health. The child is not afraid to let go of his or her favorite toys. The grownup is not open to new ideas about behavior. Try to identify the recurring themes in your food-related life. There is no need to be critical, but love for growth and reassessment.

Although you may find relationships very mundane today and find them hard to handle, it will be a great help to learn how to view the essential necessities of living. Celestial alignment helps you understand what it means to be committed. This lesson is one you should learn.

“Forgiveness is not always straightforward, but it is the way forward. Forgiveness is onward looking. It sees that there’s no moving ahead if we continuously yield to the roadblocks of bitterness, anger and hate.”

Colors of the day: Purple

Lucky Numbers of the day: 6, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: F, S

Cosmic Tip: Life will be kind to you. Cherish it till it lasts.

Tips for Singles: There is no need to knock on every door! The one where you will be welcome 24X7 find your way.

Tips for Couples: You are experiencing a stable relationship but do not rush it.

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