Are you feeling under the weather Gemini? It could be that you were trying to burn the candle at both ends. You might not feel able to slow down now, so the obvious suggestion is to slow down. Take as much sleep as possible and eat well. If you have an urgent task, ask for assistance. This will ensure that the work is completed quickly, even if you aren’t feeling your best.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by emotions, whether yours or others. Therefore it is important to maintain a healthy balance with physical activity. If the weather permits, walking is better than using public transport or a car. You will be punished for not taking the time to take care of your own needs. It is a good idea to make a cup for yourself. Keep calm and focused.

If you’re wondering why your love life isn’t what you desire, it could be that you have an unrealistic ideal. You should forget all the small details and enjoy social events and other occasions. Do not even consider romance. It will most likely come to you.

“When you’re glued to someone with a strong adhesive, you can’t just let go of them. You have to let go of your skin, your flesh, a part of your heart and soul. It’s extremely painful but equally sacred because spiritual journey is all about letting go of yourself piece by piece, layer by layer.”

Colors of the day: White

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: K, T, Y

Cosmic Tip: Stay open to opportunities.

Tips for Singles: Let things be and hang on there.

Tips for Couples: Balance work and love life

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