Dear Gemini, today will bring some good luck for you. If you are awaiting the result of any examination that you appeared for in the past, you may be met with a surprise today.

You may not have expected to crack this exam, but all the heavens are in your support. They are prompting that you are walking on the right path and success is bound to follow you.

The past few days have not been very favorable as far as your health is concerned. But with the arrival of some food news in your life, you feel fit once again. It is a lesson for you, Gemini.

You must have seen what hard work can bring to you. Even medicines do not work that well. This day is one you should celebrate and do not forget to share your happiness.

You are a hard-working person and the idea that your hard work is not paying back can be frustrating. But you also need to keep in mind that you are not going to be rewarded for your efforts in an instant of time.

Everything must be done with patience and anxiety is never going to solve your problems. So, remain focused on your job and keep up the good work.

Today’s Quote: “Listen — do not seek the answers. You do not need to know what happens next, you do not require a step-by-step account on how to achieve meaning in this unpredictable world. We’ve all felt in a valley. A time in our life where we need change. A time where we need to search. A time where we decipher our next steps.”

Colors of the day: Pink, Orange

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5,9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, S

Cosmic tip: You must begin planning your future.

Tips for Singles: You have won what you have always aspired to. So, hold on to it.

Tips for Couples: Sharing your joy with your beloved will multiply it tenfold.

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