You can be in a good position to communicate your concern and care for others today, dear Gemini.

You’re also in a fine frame of mind for dreaming up some original promotional or marketing material if need be!

Today and tomorrow are strong for creative satisfaction, and for expressing affection, and doing or learning new and inspiring things.

The desire for out of the ordinary experiences and connections is compelling.

Even so, you can find yourself completely absorbed in research or attempting to solve a problem or master a subject now, and with commitment, you can get places now.

A friendship is under pressure and the question of proximity is paramount. One of you wants to get closer than the other, and the disparity is causing tension now.

A solution to this impasse lies beyond the current borders. You can relieve the strain by totally changing the context.

If you get a chance to travel together, you become a team in the service of a larger mission.

This shared journey can become the container that lets your relationship take its new shape. Be open to change for the sake of harmony.

Something is shifting, with wheels, gears and cogs that power the solar system moving into a more balanced state.

This is partly because we reached the equinox over the weekend and the night and day is now balanced, but also because the planets themselves are becoming more balanced.

This includes a chance to find a better balance between work and play, between your home and professional lives and just within yourself.

Today’s Quote: “Start each day with a new hope, leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow.”

Lucky Numbers: 16, 18, 19, 22, 34, 43

Daily Compatibility: Aquarius

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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