This week will be a hectic one as you will have a lot of commitments to meet. An acquaintance will seek your help, and you must not hesitate to help them. Helping makes you feel good about yourself, and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance. Towards the weekend someone from your family will come to stay with you. Just like the weekdays, your weekend will also go by in a jiffy.

On the health front, your voice might give you trouble due to cold and cough. Other than that, there will be no serious health conditions. However, your mental health needs your consideration. You have to focus on the troubling thoughts and look for ways to resolve those. Restrain them from meddling with your brain. For better health, you should start some freehand exercising and walking this week.

You might have started at a new place this week. The workstation is more pleasant than the previous one, hence you will stay busy working. On the work front, you will receive a lot of acknowledgment for your efficiency. You love appreciation; as a result, the kind words at the job will encourage you to work hard. But you shall not lose your firm grip on yourself; otherwise, they will find you very gullible and manipulate you.

Colors of the week: Blue, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the week: 4,9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: B, P, S

Cosmic tip: Focus on what bothers you more. Is it disrespect or rejection?

Tips for Singles: You should value yourself more than anything and do not let them disrespect you.

Tips for Couples: A healthy relationship survives on the pedestal of faith and mutual respect.

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