Hey Leo, you are busy in your new life, and that is a great thing to do. This week you will get to spend a lot of time with children. They can be children in your family, or from your neighborhood or your children, but the main thing is you will have a great time with them. On the weekends, you might get to spend some intimate time with your spouse. It will fill you with joy and contentment.

You are going to be full of energy this week. Nothing and no one can stop you from doing things you have planned for your body so far. If your doctor has asked you to skip sugar from your diet, this week is the right time to work on that. It will not only bring your health on track but also make your life better. You should spend some weeks doing cardio exercises at the park. Also, going to the park will bring joy to your soul.

This week will be a great booster to your profession. If you are a student, then this week will bring you extraordinary prospects. You will receive applause and accolades for your good efforts and deeds at work. Your efficiency, and punctuality at work might receive praise this week. If you are an aspirant of government administrative jobs, then this week you might receive happy news.

Colors of the week: Pink, Orange

Lucky Numbers of the week: 5, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, M

Cosmic tip: Think before you act, listen before you speak.

Tips for Singles: You do not wish to seem like a desperate fellow.

Tips for Couples: Comfort and compassion are healers in a relationship.

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