Dear Gemini, the coming week will unfold as a good time for Geminis who have a close bond with family. They are likely to spend a lot of time with their elderly parents. The mindful discussions and the wisdom their elders are going to share will teach you life lessons if you are a Gemini native. You will feel grateful for their presence in your life.

On the health front, this week has no drastic change in store for you, that might affect you. It is a good time to take serious precautions and work on your health. This week you can enlist your name in the local yoga center or laughing club. It will help you to stay fit and flexible. If you do not wish to indulge yourself in such activities, then take time to relax.

Dear Gemini, this week has a great fortune in store for you in matters of business. If you wish to expand your business, then proceed now. It is also a great time to hire new employees or trainees as they will have a fresh perspective and energy towards the work. Those who are hoping to restart their educational profession or learn a new skill will also be benefited this week.

This week you will be deeply devoted to your family. Family gatherings, friendly get-togethers, karaoke parties, and house parties are going to be your thing. It can be a celebration of your promotion, or a party to celebrate your success in life. You will be in a happy mood, but the weekend might make you a bit nervous as it is going to be the start of something new.

Colors of the Week: Violet, Peach
Lucky Numbers of the Week: 4, 8
Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, P, U
Cosmic tip: Do not wait for someone else to help you out.
Tips for Singles: Be brave enough to accept new love before saying yes to a date.
Tips for Couples: Do not let a third person tell you the things you need to do to save your relationship.

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