You have a vision, Gemini—and no one’s going to stop you from bringing it to life! But early this week, a testy square between make-it-happen Mars and accelerator Jupiter could make you so overzealous that you wind up alienating your supporters.

Mars is cruising through Pisces and your tenth house of career, bringing energy (and maybe some additional stress) to your professional life from November 15 to December 31.

With Jupiter in your relationship zone, you’ll get a very sign-appropriate reminder that building strong relationships is the fastest route to the top. So, take a breath, Twin.

Are you rushing to the finish line or pressuring people to move according to YOUR intense timeline? If you don’t take time to work your craft masterfully, you could wind up with a sub-par outcome, or worse, a mutinous crew!

Is there already discord on the Gemini frontier? Early this week, call a summit and solicit people’s input. Listen to their concerns and make sure to address the ones that are legitimate.

Avoid making unilateral decisions or going rogue out of frustration. Taming your impatience might be the biggest challenge of all.

The silver lining? If you give people a chance to step forward and offer solutions, they might impress you with something beyond your wildest imagination.

Opposites attract beginning this Thursday, as the Sun sails into Sagittarius—your complementary cosmic force—until December 21. This four-week cycle will make you feel like a magnet. Watch as you attract and repel people in equal measure!

The ones who are able to stay in your force field are the true keepers. Since Sagittarius rules your seventh house of committed relationships, you may feel VERY clear about a certain someone’s role in your life (romantically, financially or otherwise).

This year, truth-bearer Jupiter will also accompany el Sol through Sagittarius, reminding you to trust your knowing feelings about people. The red-spotted planet’s worldly influence could also draw a cross-cultural attraction or a fruitful long-distance connection.

Mercury is also in Sagittarius, and retrograde until December 6. Someone from your past could vie for a comeback role in your life. Even if you feel they are worthy of a second chance, greet them with cautious optimism.

Make sure they’ve done (and are continuing to do) the required inner work to change any destructive habits that drove you apart last time.

That said, Gemini, if you’ve consistently settled for folks who don’t measure up (this one being no exception), expansive, independent Jupiter reminds you that it’s better to have no one than the wrong one. Keep that vacancy sign lit for someone who will love you like you deserve!

On Friday, 2018’s only full moon in Gemini calls for a temporary time out from anything couple-y. With la luna putting your personal passions in the spotlight, this is your time to shine each year—and jailbreak from situations that are clipping your wings.

A prestigious opportunity could vault you up the ladder of success in the two weeks that follow. Polish up your presentation materials so you’re ready to promote—or perform—at a moment’s notice! Socialize strategically this weekend.

With soothsayer Neptune reversing out of a five-month retrograde in your career zone, your charming personality may walk you right through opportunity’s doors. Dress to impress and bring all the sparkling wit you can muster.

You never know who you’ll meet while you’re mingling at a weekend Friendsgiving party or even challenge to a dance-off at the club! Playfulness and humor might pave the way for something much bigger, Gemini.

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